KnW Chapter 111: Those Who are Alive

Hello~ Kiriko here! As I spend more time with the rest of the translation team, I somehow feel like my personality has changed a little for the weirder, but all is well. All that aside, I’m guessing that most of you have been eagerly anticipating the release of the next chapter, so I shouldn’t delay too much…

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Chapter 111: Those Who are Alive

“Haaaaaaah!” (Eveam)

Eveam tried to break through the barrier surrounding them numerous times by attacking it with her bare hands. However, the barrier didn’t move a single inch.

“How reckless. There’s no way that a barrier imbued with a hero’s life would break from your bare hands” (Rudolf)

Ignoring Rudolf’s words, Eveam continued to thrust her fists forward.

“Haa haa haa haa haa…… is it, Aquinas?” (Eveam)
“It appears that it contains an 《Evil-Sealing Barrier》, which is capable of absorbing physical attacks. In this place where it is forbidden to bring weapons to begin with, theoretically speaking, escaping from it is nearly impossible” (Aquinas)

Aquinas explained with a grave face as he touched the barrier.

“Move, Aquinas” (Judom)

Judom had his eyes closed as he focused the senses of his entire body into his right fist.

(Che, I can’t focus my magic power. At this rate, the power will drop significantly) (Judom)

Even so, he put all his power into his fist as he punched.


It was as though nothing had happened at all, as the entire impact of the punch was absorbed.

“Kuh!” (Judom)
“So it’s even impossible for Judom-dono…..” (Eveam)

Eveam gazed at the barrier with a bitter expression.

“At this rate, the『Evila』will……” (Eveam)

She was concerned about the【Evila Capital: Xaos】. After hearing that it was currently embroiled in war, Eveam simply couldn’t just stand around here doing nothing.

“Unforgivable! Your Majesty, for now, please give us the order to deal with these humans!” (Marione)

Marione turned his gaze filled with killing intent towards Rudolf and co. However, Eveam shook her head.

“We can’t” (Eveam)
“Your Majesty!” (Marione)
“Right now in this place, majority of violent actions have been weakened. Marione, your specialty should be magic, and not physical attacks. Even so, do you really think that you’d be capable of fighting against 5 soldiers together while remaining unharmed?” (Eveam)
“……………………….” (Marione)
“Once we escape from here, we have to return to the country as soon as possible. If you were injured and became unable to move at that time, then what would you do?” (Eveam)
“H-however………” (Marione)
“Right now, getting out of here is our top priority. Don’t waste any energy” (Eveam)
“……… you wish” (Marione)

Although he appeared to accept it reluctantly, as Eveam’s words were correct, he decided to obediently listen to her. Seeing that, Judom thought-

(Hou, she is still quite inexperienced, but she understands what’s important. I’m sure this girl will become a great ruler) (Judom)

The more naïve her thoughts were, the more problematic her actions would become. Even so, she continued forward without losing anything important. As such, Judom believed that she would certainly grow up to be surrounded by thoughts of admiration in the future.

(So my attack didn’t work at all…….then I suppose I can only bet on that fellow’s work for the rest) (Judom)

As he thought that, Judom strongly gripped his fist.



“………….u………….” (???)

The one who woke up upon feeling a cool sensation on his face was the one who was thought to have been killed by the robed person while following the heroes as they took some suspicious actions. He was Nazaar Skride, or rather, he was the 《Rank 3》in the 《Cruel Brigade》, Teckil.

“Gu……….haha……seems like this isn’t the Netherworld” (Teckil)

Feeling that his hands and feet were bound, Teckil distinctly felt the sensation of being alive. He had thought that he would definitely be killed. However, upon realizing that he somehow was still alive, Teckil became slightly relieved.

After rolling face up, he looked around in order to figure out exactly where he was. From what he had seen, he judged that this was a cavernous-like place.

Based on the ceiling alone, he arbitrarily decided that this was some cave. However, he felt that he probably wasn’t mistaken.

(But, why haven’t I been killed yet…….) (Teckil)

Right now, he didn’t feel the presence of anyone around him. Raising his torso, he twisted his body about to once more confirm his surroundings.

As he did so, Teckil saw a light from a fair distance ahead of him. Nearby, there was an opening which seemed to be an exit. As he couldn’t simply stay around here obediently, Teckil decided to aim for that exit for the time being. Lying down once more, this time he pushed upwards with enough force to reach a standing position. Then, he gazed at the restraints on his arms and legs.

“Mu~, these restraints……..are they a type of magic tool? It won’t move an inch” (Teckil)

Teckil tried to use all his strength to pull apart the restraints, but they didn’t give even the slightest response. A tool containing magic, a magic tool. They had various abilities, but these handcuff-like magic tools appeared to contain the ability to limit one’s physical abilities alone.

“Hm~, it looks like they took away my favourite pen” (Teckil)

Teckil was a user of a Unique Magic which allowed him to give form to things he drew with that pen using magic. However, without anything to write with, he couldn’t display his abilities.

“As I thought, what I saw at that time wasn’t a mistake………to think that person is………” (Teckil)

Teckil nodded as he thought to himself. If that was the case, then it wasn’t strange even if they knew of his abilities. As such, so long as they took away his pen, they judged that he would become unable to use magic.

However, Teckil chuckled as he grinned and-

“But I’ve really failed this time” (Teckil)


Just as he thought he bit through and tore something-

Pit pat pit pat………

A fluid began dripping onto the ground. If you looked carefully, you could see that it was blood flowing out from Teckil’s mouth. It appeared that he had bitten through his lip.

“Even without my pen, there’s still things I can draw with” (Teckil)

After sticking out his tongue and licking, he began using his blood to draw something on a large rock.

(Uu~this gritty feeling feels gross, but I’ll endure it for now) (Teckil)

It was the drawing of a bird. Once he finished drawing it, the bird rose out, and like a real bird, began to dance in the sky. Then, the bird landed on Teckil’s shoulder.

“Listen up, ‘kay? I want you to do whatever you can to tell a certain person about the information I have right now” (Teckil)
“Chi chi chi?” (Bird)
“Originally, I’d tell her Majesty this in person, but right now her Majesty’s surroundings are the most dangerous. And right now, a certain person should be together with her Majesty. They’ll definitely be able to make use of the information” (Teckil)
“Chi chi chi” (Bird)

The bird rapidly nodded its head.

“I’ll also look for a chance to escape” (Teckil)

As he said that, a chill ran down his back. The air became several times heavier.

“Th-this is bad! Seems like they’ve returned. Come on, fly out from up there!” (Teckil)

As he said that, the bird raised its chin and began rising into the air. There lay a small hole through which a thread of light shone through. It wasn’t big enough for a person to go through, but should have been enough for a small bird to pass through without any problems.

With Teckil’s urging, the bird cried out “Chi chi chi” as it flew towards the hole.

“I’m counting on you. Right now, the only one I can rely on is that person after all……” (Teckil)

Meanwhile, Teckil stared at the light coming from the place that may be the exit that he saw earlier. As he did so, he heard the pitter patter of footsteps resounding throughout the cave.

Teckil then returned to the place where he had been lying earlier, and lay down once more. Until he was aware of the other party’s intentions, it would be better for him to check out the situation for now.

He might be able to gain a lot of information. Naturally, the chances of him being killed were high, but he felt lucky that he was able to send the information he currently had.

In addition, in order to make the opponent drop their guard so that he could counterattack as well, it’d be more convenient to continue acting unconscious.

(In any case, I just need to do whatever I can right now) (Teckil)


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