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KnW Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness

Well, now that we’re at the last chapter of this triple release, I’ll make another announcement! You may have already heard/seen it, but the KnW translation group has made a blog for the various…..exchanges we’ve had online. It has little … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 126: Hiiro vs. Crouch

For this chapter, please thank Sakkun for editing and Loli-nee for proofreading! It’s thanks to Loli-nee that these chapters got out earlier than I thought, so don’t bully her too much! Chapter 126: Hiiro vs. Crouch Crouch was at a … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 125: The Unparalleled Hiiro

Well, they’re finally done and here they are! Another triple release from 125-127!! ….but before that, I have to make a small comment about…well, comments. Generally speaking, I don’t really ‘moderate’ comments on this blog. For the sake of ‘freedom of … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 120: The Protagonist that Relieves His Stress

Was Hiiro’s awesomeness simply too much? Have you had enough yet? Or did you want your THIRD DOSE of awesomeness for the day!! Yay!!! As promised, here is the third, and last chapter of this triple release. Credits go to Cross-nii … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength

Hmph, I hope you properly read my note on Chapter 118. This time around, give your thanks to Cross-nii-sama for beasting his way through both editing and proofreading of this chapter! *clap clap clap* All the stats and new titles were … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 118: Hiiro, at Holy Oldine

Now that 113’s been posted, as promised, here they are! The 3 highly-anticipated chapters! But before that, I’d like to draw attention to my new title page that I’ve created in response to some of the comments I’ve been getting … Continue reading

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