KnW Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength

Hmph, I hope you properly read my note on Chapter 118. This time around, give your thanks to Cross-nii-sama for beasting his way through both editing and proofreading of this chapter! *clap clap clap* All the stats and new titles were a pain.

Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength

While Leowald clicked his tongue, he for some reason, made a gleeful expression. It was as though he found fighting to be enjoyable. It may be possible that the stronger his opponent was, the higher these feelings of his would rise.

(This is why battle junkies are annoying to deal with) (Hiiro)

Hiiro gazed at Leowald with reproachful eyes as he decided to name him Lion.

(But these guys……I guess I should to check them out, huh) (Hiiro)

As he thought that, he used the word [Pry]/ 『覗』 to view the others’《Status》. If they possessed this amount of strength, Hiiro figured that their levels must also be quite high.

Aquinas Li Reysis Phoenix

Lv 243

HP: 11645/11645
MP: 8233/9574

EXP: 24950212
NEXT: 463080

ATK 1627 (1784)
DEF 1569 (1625)
AGL 1891 (1971)
HIT 2023 (2045)
INT 2361 (2390)

《Magic Attribute》Dark
《Magic》Dead Arrow (Darkness – Attack) | Hell Flame (Darkness – Attack) | Dark Revelation (Darkness – Movement) | Death-Out (Darkness – Attack) | Full Armed (Darkness – Support) | Shadow Curtain (Darkness – Support/ – Defense) | Black Hole (Darkness – Attack) | Emperor Nova (Darkness – Attack)

《Titles》Holder of the Demon Eye | Mourning One | Ultimate Demon-kin | Feathered One | Monster’s Poison | Unique Genocider | Ripper | Superman | General of the Demon Eye | Cruel | Unsociable | Relentlessly Unparalleled | One who Seeks the Strong| Eternal Walker | Person of Darkness | Overly Determined Person | One who Transcends | The Strongest | Magus Emperor

Hiiro thought that this guy had an outrageous 《Status》. Not only was his level high, the titles he possessed, out of all the statuses Hiiro had seen, seemed to be the most brutal.

(In particular 《The Strongest》……although the《Magus Emperor》title also bothers me, 《The Strongest》……it’s so simple that it’s actually scary)

As Hiiro thought thus, he looked at Aquinas. Simply based on his appearance, Hiiro was able to see that his titles were no lie.

(Not only that, but for his level to be even higher than I, who has been focussing on raising my level during this half-year period……..)

Hiiro Okamura

Lv 221

HP: 8387/8387
MP: 11370/15500

EXP: 16278322
NEXT: 337766

ATK 1344 (1444)
DEF 1105 (1120)
AGL 1617 (1667)
HIT 916 (966)
INT 1395 (1405)

《Magic Attribute》None
《Magic》Word Magic (Single Word (Unlocked) | Air Writing (Unlocked) | Parallel Writing (Unlocked) | Two Word Chain (Unlocked) | Simultaneous Invocation (Unlocked) | Invocation Management (Unlocked) | Three Word Chain (Unlocked) | Remote Operation (Unlocked) | Range Designation (Unlocked) | Automatic Writing (Unlocked) | Four Word Chain (Unlocked))

《Titles》Innocent Bystander | World Traveller | Word Master | Awakened One | Ripper | The One who Imagines | Unique Genocider | Gourmet Bastard | One who Follows His Own Path | Friend of the Faeries | Mikazuki’s Owner | The Natural Enemy of Monsters | Wanderer | Flash Samurai | Sage | The God that Brings Down Little Girls | One Who is Liked by Magic | Easily Dragged in | Swindler | Hero of Children | Insensitive Meister | Reading Maniac | Eating Tyrant | Prince of Misunderstanding | Excellent Diver | Teleporter | Supreme Demon | Nikki’s Mentor | Overly Determined Person | One who Transcends

Compared to his own《Status》, it was apparent that the differences in racial disposition appeared through combat capabilities, or so Hiiro had thought. Not only that, but Aquinas was most likely exceptionally strong even amongst the 『Evila』. Amongst everyone that Hiiro had met up until now, he was the holder of the greatest 《Status》.

(Well, even amongst humans there are bound to be those who have such natural talent. Even amongst the 『Evila』 with their excellent battle capabilities, he’s likely one of the ones most blessed with talent)

If that were not the case, he wouldn’t have been able to raise his level up so high. Even if he did, it would be hard to believe that his 《Status》would be this well-endowed if he didn’t possess such aptitude. Although Hiiro was also blessed with talent in terms of magic power and agility, as Aquinas was basically blessed in almost all aspects, it would make one so amazed as to constantly question whether or not he was truly a genius.

(……hm? But I’ve seen his name somewhere………… it just my imagination?) (Hiiro)

He felt that he had seen his name somewhere before. However, as he couldn’t remember where, he simply ignored it.

Aquinas was not the only amazing one. Eveam, Marione, Shublarz, not to mention their enemy Leowald as well. Although, they couldn’t compare to Aquinas, the 《Status》they held could not be achieved by any normal person. In particular, Judom, who Hiiro had thought was a mere human, was amazing.

(Maou 102, Moustache Baron 167, Deka-Chichi woman 128, Lion 199, and also…….) (Hiiro)

Looking as Judom’s 《Status》, he raised his voice in admiration.

Judom Lankars

Lv 210

HP: 9043/9478
MP: 6666/7100

EXP: 13719035
NEXT: 282577

ATK 1813 (1940)
DEF 1582 (1660)
AGL 1279 (1320)
HIT 1536 (1581)
INT 1027 (1041)

《Magic Attribute》Fire | Wind | Lightning
《Magic》 Fireball (Fire – Attack) | Flame Rocket (Fire – Attack) | Aura Time (Fire) | Wind Cutter (Wind – Attack) | Cyclone (Wind – Attack) | Aura Time (Wind) | Thundershock (Lightning – Attack) | Prism Break (Lightning – Attack) | Aura Time (Lightning)

《Titles》One who Trains | Strong Arms | King’s Close Friend | One who Destroys | Feminist | Alcoholic | Considerate Comrade | One who is Popular | Reliable Person | Attractive Middle-Aged Man | Killer of the Unique | Monster Slayer | Wanderer | Aspiration of Adventurers | Huge Man | Senior of Life | King Dandy | Guild Master | Superman | Overly Determined Person | One Who Possesses the Caliber of a King | Impact King | One who Transcends

(It’s like he has the physical capabilities of a beastman. This Muscle Man is also a blessed existence)

In truth, the one most blessed was Hiiro with his 《Word Magic》. However, disregarding his own abilities, he at the very least felt a hint of jealousy towards them. Even if he was given better parameters compared to normal humans due to being a World Traveller, compared to beastmen, there was bound to be a different in abilities after all.

Even though his sole physical ability capable of competing with them was his speed alone, Hiiro convinced himself that he could feel proud of that one thing.

At that point, he remembered that there was one individual present who had piqued his curiosity. Hiiro immediately shifted his gaze towards that person.

Val Kiria #03

Lv 200

HP: 15000/15000
MP: 0/0

EXP: 0

ATK 2200 ()
DEF 2200 ()
AGL 2200 ()
HIT 2200 ()
INT 300 ()

《Magic Attribute》

《Titles》One who was Created

He didn’t know exactly what he should start retorting about. Her parameters, her magic, and her title. They were all so uniform that he couldn’t comprehend any of it.

(What is she…..) (Hiiro)

Upon noticing Hiiro’s gaze fall upon her, Kiria turned and exchanged stares with him. Hiiro was unable to detect anything resembling the will of a living being behind those eyes. However, if he were to believe that which he saw with his own eyes, amongst everyone here, her physical capabilities were the best. If they were to purely fight without magic, one could predict that nobody would be able to win against her.

As the two of their gazes met each other, their eyes remained unmoving as it seemed to have deteriorated into a match of who would first avert their eyes as they stayed still.

“What’s wrong, Hiiro?” (Eveam)

The voice belonged to Eveam. However, as he unintentionally ended up reacting to it, Hiiro ended up averting his eyes first. As he thought ‘damn it’, he once again looked at her face-

“…….Fu” (Kiria)

As she slightly raised her head, Kiria narrowed her eyes and looked down, displaying a face that seemed to be full of superiority as she released a small breath.

“Guh……that Noppera* woman…….” (Hiiro)

It seems that internally, Hiiro decided to nickname the expressionless Kiria as Noppera woman.

“Hi-Hiiro?” (Eveam)
“Yeah?” (Hiiro)

Of course, having not known what was going on, Eveam was not as fault. However, to Hiiro, it was because of her calling out to him that he had lost the match, thus, she ended up taking the full brunt of his anger.

“Uu…….di-did I do something?” (Eveam)

As he saw her ask thus anxiously, Hiiro let out a shallow sigh. Following this, he slightly shook his head, saying-

“No, it’s nothing. More importantly, what are you going to do about this situation? I want to quickly head back, but?” (Hiiro)
“I also want to head back. Ah, now that I think of it, Hiiro came here from【Xaos】right? How is 【Xaos】? Ah, no. In the first place, how did you get here?” (Eveam)

While thinking that the way she rapidly fired off questions in quick succession was annoying, it was true the conversation couldn’t proceed without explaining that. However, in this situation, he didn’t have the time to leisurely explain everything.

“In any case, we’ll talk once everything settles down. Oi Maou, we’re heading back already.” (Hiiro)
“Eh? Ah, no like I said, how will we head back? In this situation? Are you going to repel those people, Hiiro?” (Eveam)

As she asked, she pointed her finger at Leowald, who was drenched in bloodlust.

“Haah? Who would do such a troublesome thing? I was only requested with defending the country, you know. Anything other than that would be extra work. I don’t wanna.” (Hiiro)
“Th-then how will we go back from here?” (Eveam)
“Before that, it’s fine for only you to go back, right?” (Hiiro)
“Eh? Hah? N-no no, we have to go back with everyone!” (Eveam)

After hearing her response made with a face as though it were natural, Hiiro felt like he would get a headache. A person that made this kind of face would no longer listen to him no matter what he said. They were unpersuadable. If he were to only bring her back alone, she would likely soon after come back here on her own. That would just be pointless.

As Hiiro dropped his shoulders as though he had resigned himself, he heaved a large sigh and looked into her eyes.

“Wh-what?” (Eveam)

Eveam was startled at suddenly being stared at eye-to-eye.

“…………do you have any last words?” (Hiiro)
“Hah?” (Eveam)
“We’re going to be returning from here, so I’m asking you whether or not you have any last things to say to those guys” (Hiiro)

He pointed towards Rudolf as he said this.

“Eh……no, like I said, what are you say-” (Eveam)
“Argh, geez, how annoying!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro irritatingly began to move his fingers. At that moment, Eveam felt an enormous amount of magic power. It was the same feeling she had when Hiiro used magic the first time she met him.

Hiiro activated the words he had written.

[Send home]/ 『送還』and [Three people]/ 『三人』.

Suddenly, without a single sound, Aquinas, Marione, and Shublarz disappeared in front of their eyes. Everyone opened their mouths in a shocked manner.

“See, I’ve already sent them back to the country” (Hiiro)
“Eh…….hah? N-no way…….” (Eveam)

*Author’s Note: Please find the differences in the titles. Many of them have evolved. Please find the ones that have changed and look at how they changed.

Translator’s Note:

Deka-Chichi = big-boobed

Noppera = short for featureless; expressionless


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