KnW Chapter 167: Reunion

It’s HEREEEE!!!!!!! The beginning of the NEW ARC! YAY!!! The all-translators-are-gonna-quit-at-the-end-of-Arc-3 apocalypse didn’t occur! That being said, I think it’s about time we set some things straight so that everyone understands what’s been going on.

  1. LoliQ’s situation: Loli-nee is officially off the regular translator roster for KnW. She no longer has a blog, and has no intention of making another one in the near future. Whether or not she chooses to translate any future chapters of KnW is up to her, but for now, it is safe to assume that she won’t be. 164 was her last chapter before ‘retiring’.
  2. NetBlazer’s situation: Blaze-papa was importing his site to a new server – or something along those lines. His new site is now up, and will be hosting all the chapters of KnW (not including the earliest ones which were translated by Unlimited Novel Failures) directly on the site, free of too many extra comments prior to each chapter.
  3. XCrossJ’s situation: Cross-nii is taking a leave of absence from translating KnW for about 4 months. He will not be translating any chapters during that time, unless he chooses to do so, but assume that he is off the active roster for the time being.

I hope this clears up some of the rumours that appear to have been floating around the community. And now that that’s finished, time for some recruitment! I’m sure everyone has realized by now, but with the recent efflux of translators from the Rainbow Translations group, we are now lacking in translators (after having finally resolved our editor shortage…..*sigh*). That’s why now, we’d like to invite any Japanese-English translators to apply! Please visit the new recruitment page for details. We look forward to your applications!

Now then, for this chapter, please thank Sha-chan for editing, and Ghost-nii and Leo-tan for proofreading! Enjoy the chapter~nya!

Chapter 167: Reunion

In the【Demon Capital: Xaos】, a large number of personnel was gathering in front of the castle gates.

Cruel’s 《Rank 1》Aquinas, 《Rank 2》Marione, 《Rank 4》Ornoth, 《Rank 5》Shublarz; the overseer of the country’s army, 《Head Commander of the Demon Army》Rushbelle, 《Demon Army – Captain of the Herbreed Corps》Herbreed, and《Demon Army – Captain of the Eonis Corps》Eonis.

All of these famous faces were currently gathered together. The surrounding soldiers were also swallowing nervously as they were encompassed by a sense of anxiety.

Within all of this were Hiiro, Liliyn, Silva, Shamoe, Mikazuki, and Nikki.

Today was the long-awaited day of their showdown with the 『Gabranth』. In other words, it was a crossroad.

If they lost this showdown, the chances of them being unable to live the same lifestyle they had up until now were high. According to the 《Contract Roll》, it was agreed that the losing side’s people would not be needlessly killed. Even so, everybody felt that as long as their country was being made to live under the opponent’s rule, they couldn’t possibly expect to have the same rights as they had up until now.

That was exactly why the faces of the gathered soldiers and civilians, who had come to encourage them, were currently stiff.

In order to cheer up the people, the Maou Eveam, who had come later from the castle on her own, opened her mouth.

“Everybody! Do not worry! We will definitely obtain victory! I will show you the peace that I shall grab with these hands!” (Eveam)

As she proclaimed that, tension could be seen draining from the faces of a few people here and there.

“In addition, it is within our expectations for someone to take this chance to assault our country! That is why we will be leaving our strongest warrior, Aquinas, here!” (Eveam)

At those words, each and every one of the nation’s people exhibited signs of bewilderment. It seemed that they couldn’t understand the reason why she wouldn’t let the country’s strongest fighter, Aquinas, participate in this battle, even though defeat was absolutely not permitted.

“Silence! In his place, we have our greatest benefactor! I’m sure everyone also knows of him! He is the one who has performed great achievements in the recent war, Hiiro Okamura!” (Eveam)

Everyone’s gazes all turned towards Hiiro at the same time. The person in question had his arms crossed and his eyes closed, as if her announcement didn’t concern him.

“His existence is the reason why our country suffered minimal damage from the battle! The monster clean-up, the defeat of Crouch, one of the 《Three Warriors》, and the destruction of the【 Mütich Bridge】. These are all feats that he managed to perform single-handedly!” (Eveam)

The cheers of the people resounded, going “Oooooooohh!”

“It may be hard to believe, but he possesses power that is equal to that of Aquinas! That is something that Aquinas himself has admitted! That is exactly why Aquinas has entrusted him with the important duty to take his place in the duel!” (Eveam)

Shouts of joy once again caused the air to tremble.

“That is why, please believe in us and wait! The next time we meet, I will have grasped victory with these hands!” (Eveam)

Tremendous voices and the sound of feet stomping the ground at regular intervals rang out. It seemed that her words of encouragement had succeeded in raising everyone’s morale.

Hiiro grimaced at how noisy it had become, but Eveam was smiling happily. Then, she turned her face towards Aquinas.

“Aquinas, in my absence, I leave the country to you.” (Eveam)
“No problem. Hurry and go win this.” (Aquinas)
“Yeah!” (Eveam)

Then, as Aquinas glanced towards Hiiro, who was scowling in an annoyed manner, once more, Ornoth approached him.

“I’ll leave the Princess……..Her Majesty to you.” (Aquinas)
“I’ll protect her even if it costs me my life.” (Ornoth)

The two of them gazed at each other intensely and gave a small nod.

“Hiiro, do it.” (Eveam)

Upon being told that by Eveam, Hiiro gave a small sigh as he wrote the word, [Transfer] / 『転移』 .

“Hold on to each other’s bodies so that everybody is connected in some way.” (Hiiro)

At Hiiro’s words, everyone except Aquinas began to touch the ones next to them. The scene of everyone being connected was created.

Not only the strongest individuals, but also the soldiers behind them were similarly touching each other’s bodies. There were likely around 100 people in the entire group who were connected together. They were connected in such a way that if electricity were to be run through Hiiro, it would flow through the entire group.

“Let’s go.” (Hiiro)
“Yeah! Everyone, wait for us!” (Eveam)
“Oooooooooooohhh!” (Evila)

Then, as Hiiro activated the word, the figures of 100 people disappeared all at once.

“……..It’s up to you now, Hiiro.” (Aquinas)

Aquinas muttered as he returned to the castle.




The place they arrived at upon teleporting was the location for the duel, 【Valaaru Wilds】. In front of everyone’s eyes lay a giant cavity.

It was a crater with a radius of approximately 200 metres. The duel would be held within it.

When they looked towards the centre of the crater, they saw that the 『Gabranth』’s army had already taken up their positions.

“Let’s go.” (Eveam)

Eveam’s face tightened as she took the lead and descended into the crater.

“How admirable of you to come, ladies and gentlemen of the 『Evila』!” (Leowald)

The one who spoke was the king of the 【Beastman Capital: Passion】, the Beast King Leowald King. Near him were the strongest warriors【Passion】boasted of.

However, after moving his eyes around restlessly, Leowald posed a question towards Eveam.

“Red Robe……What happened to Hiiro Okamura?” (Leowald)
“Uu…..about that…….” (Eveam)

Eveam displayed a face that expressed it was something difficult to say.

“He said that doing something like giving greetings was troublesome and that he’d ‘wait here’, so he’s over there…….” (Eveam)

She then pointed her finger towards the place they had teleported to. Hiiro’s figure could be seen standing there.

“Sorry for his lack of courtesy.” (Eveam)

Eveam apologized for Hiiro’s behaviour, as he had, for the time being, become her subordinate. However, Leowald simply said-

“Gahahahaha! He’s an interesting fellow after all, that Hiiro! For him to be selfish even in a situation like this! Gahaha!” (Leowald)

As he said that, numerous shadows could be seen running towards Hiiro.

“Don’t tell me it’s a surprise attack!? You bastards!” (Marione)

Marione shot a bloodthirsty gaze towards Leowald, but surprisingly, the one who stopped him was Eveam.

“Stop it, Marione.” (Eveam)
“Bu-but they were planning a surprise attack!” (Marione)
“No, that’s not a surprise attack.” (Eveam)
“………Hah?” (Marione)
“Hiiro told me that this might happen beforehand.” (Eveam)
“Wh-what do you mean?” (Marione)

Unable to understand the meaning of her words, Marione gave a blank look.

“It’s alright. According to what Hiiro said, those people are…….” (Eveam)

“Fly off and explodeeeeeeeeeee!” (???)

Someone, who came diving towards Hiiro, thrust out his fist, using the momentum from his run to power it. Hiiro glanced towards the incoming fist and closed his eyes. It was as if he were resolving himself to receive the fist and decided not to move. And then……..


“……..hahe?” (???)


Having lost its target, the fist which cut through the empty air caused the person to lose their balance due to the power used to thrust it forward. As such, the person’s body crashed into the ground magnificently and began to roll.

And then, the one who silently watched the shameful appearance of the person on the ground said–

“………So he died, huh.” (Hiiro)

The person on the ground stood up with great vigor and sharply turned towards Hiiro while pointing his finger.

“Gooraaaa! You shitty Hiiro! Don’t go avoiding it, really!” (???)
“My bad. I really was planning on letting you hit me at least once, but the moment I saw your face, I figured that avoiding it would somehow be more interesting. Forgive me.” (Hiiro)
“LIKE I COULD FORGIVE YOU, YOU FOOL! Rather, even though it’s been a while, you really are ‘going at your own pace’ like always, oi!” (???)
“Of course. Because I am me.” (Hiiro)
“Hmph, you really are an impudent guy…..Hiiro.” (???)

As the person grinned while saying that, Hiiro also narrowed his eyes with nostalgia.

“You’re also as hot-blooded as usual, eh…….Ossan.” (Hiiro)

The one reflected in Hiiro’s eyes was Arnold Ocean, who was as hot-blooded as he had been half a year ago.

“U-um……” (Muir)
“Hm?” (Hiiro)

Hearing a voice call out to him from behind, Hiiro turned around. There stood-

“I-I-I-I-I-I-It’s been a while, Hiiro-shan!” (Muir)

-a stuttering young girl.

“…….Talk properly, Chibi.” (Hiiro)
“Uu…….au……” (Muir)

Muir Castreia stood there with her face flushed a bright red as she became depressed at her blunder. She seemed to have slightly grown over the past half year, as Hiiro asked–

“Did you grow a little?” (Hiiro)
“Ah…….y-yes.” (Muir)

She seemed to be happy that he noticed, as she smiled radiantly.

“Ooh~ The Muir who gets bright red and bashful while also feeling down is so cute! The way she smiles like an angel is also great~.” (Arnold)

It seemed that Arnold’s doting parent-tendencies were also running strong.

“Nofofofofo! It has arrived once more! A sympathizer has arrived! That precisely, is the royal road of the Loli character! Now, Ojou-sama, please learn from her actions and act bashful!” (Silva)
“You should just throw out that pink-smeared brain of yours!” (Liliyn)


Before anyone realized it, Liliyn, who had been behind Silva, performed a German suplex on him. The scene of a pervert having his cranium smashed into the ground was then completed.

“Feeeeee! A large amount of blood is coming out from Silva-sama’s headddd!” (Shamoe)

Shamoe turned pale as she screamed in surprise.

“O-Oi, Hiiro……these guys are…..hii!?” (Arnold)

Just as Arnold was about to say that, he felt a threatening gaze from Liliyn, so he-

“……..h-how are you related to these people?” (Arnold)

-changed his wording to something more courteous.

“Hm? That’s right, I don’t really want to believe it, but they’re something like companions of mine.” (Hiiro)
“Oi Hiiro, stop with the jokes! I’m your master! Don’t misunderstand!” (Liliyn)
“………..Um, the other side seems to be saying that, but?” (Arnold)

Arnold asked as he felt a chill similar to when Rarashik was glaring at him.

“No, her head’s just a bit weak. She’s a little girl with a habit of telling falsehoods and day-dreaming. That’s why you don’t need to worry about it.” (Hiiro)
“Hohou, it seems like you want me to turn the insides of your head into slop, huh, Hiiro?” (Liliyn)
“Just try me.” (Hiiro)

In response to Hiiro’s cool words, a blue vein popped out on Liliyn’s forehead.

“U-umm…..” (Muir)

As Arnold was bewildered due to not knowing what to do next, a hand suddenly tapped his shoulder from behind. When he turned around in surprise, Silva’s figure, with blood dripping from his nose, appeared in front of him.

“The two of them are always like that, so please do not mind them. More importantly, are you Arnold-sama, one of Hiiro’s first travel companions whom he spoke of? And the charming young lady over there is Muir Castreia-sama, correct?” (Silva)

Silva said that as he took a handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped his nosebleed.

“Y-yeah….” (Arnold)
“N-Nice to meet you!” (Muir)

Following Arnold’s reply, Muir bowed her head respectfully.

“Ohh, that is quite courteous of you.” (Silva)

Silva similarly bowed his head.


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