KnW Chapter 175: Two vs. Two

Hey ho~ Kiriko here! There’s not much to say, except that RL has been super, uber busy lately, so translations have slowed a little. I’ve noticed that we’ve gotten another budding translator who’s been working on things in our absence, so I wanted to credit him a little here:

Seems like he’s done quite a few chapters, so if you’re interested in reading ahead, there you have it. That said, we still will be releasing chapters, as usual, with more focus on HQ translations…at least, that’s what I’m planning on doing. But well, eto…Itisn1tmyname-san, thank you for taking the time to translate KnW and contributing to the community. Translating is hard work, and there are few people who are willing to step up and try their hand at it. As our releases may be a little slow for the next while due to RL, feel free to continue TLing KnW as you will. We’ll continuing doing things as we have as well. *bows* Yoroshiku-onegaishimasu!

Anyhow~ this time, credits go to Ghost-nii for editing, and Leo-tan for proofreading!

Chapter 175: Two vs. Two

(Uu~ I used it…….but if I didn’t, I probably would’ve been taken out…….) (Muir)

As Muir regretted having to use this technique, she bitterly gazed at Eonis, who had forced her into using it, against her better judgement. At the same time, she felt vexed at having been unable to deal any serious damage despite having to use it.

Usually, upon activation of the 《Thunderclap Inversion》, all nearby people would fall prey to the resulting electrical discharge, but Eonis, having promptly sensed the danger in an unbelievably short period of time, quickly left the area.

It seemed that part of the shock from the lightning had gone through her, but it had practically done no damage at all. Although she had not completely exhausted her 《Transformation》, as she had planned on defeating her opponent at the time of its activation, Muir was quite unsure of what to do.

“That’s……..《Transformation》?” (Eonis)

A question came from Eonis.

“Yup, although I still can’t use it too well, I’ll use it since I decided to use all my power!” (Muir)

From what Eonis could see, it seemed that Muir couldn’t do a full body 《Transformation》like Leowald. If she couldn’t use it well, Eonis deducted that it likely meant that Muir could only perform 《Transformation》on one part of her body.

“………I’ll also get serious.” (Eonis)

Eonis’ aura did a full 180 as her body suddenly blurred. By the time Muir had realized it, Eonis had already reached her.

She thrust her fist towards Muir’s stomach. Not only that, but surprisingly, it pierced through Muir’s body. Seeing that, screams could be heard coming from those on the Gabranth’s side, but-

“……….-!?” (Eonis)

The one whose face warped the most with surprise was Eonis.

The reason for that was because , not only was no blood flowing from the stomach that she should have pierced through, but more importantly, she had clearly felt no feedback from her attack.


“《Transformation》-!?” (Eonis)

Earlier, it had seemed that Muir’s left shoulder had undergone 《Transformation》into lightning, but currently, it was Muir’s stricken stomach that had turned into lightning.

Eonis immediately attempted to get away, but-


Muir firmly grasped Eonis’ arm with both hands to prevent her from taking it out.

“I won’t let you escape!” (Muir)

Muir, feeling that she would no longer be able to catch Eonis if she let her get away here, resolutely allowed Eonis to attach her magnetism to her as she grabbed Eonis’ arm with both of her non-transformed hands.

“Ku-!” (Eonis)
“With thissss!” (Muir)

A fierce electrical discharge gushed out from Muir’s body.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” (Eonis)

Eonis raised a shriek at the intense pain that ran through her.

Muir also shut her eyes firmly, as she desperately mustered strength from her body. She grit her teeth, with the intention of continuing like this until Eonis became unable to battle.


“Auu!” (Muir)

Suddenly, 《Kaijin》came flying and hit Muir’s arms. Because of that, Eonis, who had been released from her restraint, used all her power to take some distance from Muir.

“Haa haa haa……” (Eonis)
“Uuu….” (Muir)

Eonis, who was breathing heavily while holding her knees, and Muir, whose face was warped by the pain in her arms. Her ears, which had transformed into wings, had also returned to their original beast-ear state.

(I-I see……she sent her magnetism through my arm, and made that weapon come flying at it…..) (Muir)

Eonis had used 《Magnetic Magic》on the 《Kaijin》that had fallen on the ground, and drew it towards Muir’s arm. It was a technique that just barely allowed Eonis, whose movements had been sealed, to counterattack.

Only, what the magnetism had been sent through hadn’t been Muir’s arms exactly, but her clothes.

(B-But, for her to deal with me this calmly is…..) (Muir)

As her body should have been numb due to the lightning, Eonis had been unable to move. That was exactly why Eonis had made her weapon fly instead, commendably breaking down the previous status quo.

Muir was simply astonished at the composure with which Eonis dealt with the situation. Not only that, but Muir’s right arm which had been hit by 《Kaijin》, seemed to have received some damage to the bone, as even the simplest movement caused an intense pain to run through it. At least for the duration of this duel, Muir would be unable to use her right arm normally anymore.

“Uu…….gu……I was……surprised.” (Eonis)

Though Eonis had managed to escape using the only possible method available to her, she had still received quite a bit of damage from taking the lightning attack directly.

“But…..with this, it’ll be Eo’s win!” (Eonis)

As she said that, 《Kaijin》, which had fallen on the ground, and Muir’s weapon, 《Kouen》began to fly towards Eonis of their own accord. Then, they spun as if they had received some sort of recoil, revolving around Eonis before accelerating towards Muir at an incredible speed.

Muir tried to dodge them by running away, but the weapons began to pursue her.

“It’s impossible! Weapons that have been clad in magnetism can’t be defended against, even if you were to use 《Transformation》!” (Eonis)

Like she said, no matter how much Muir ran, the weapons continued to follow her relentlessly. And then, Muir tripped, falling onto the ground.

Muir crossed her arms in front of her in resignation, preparing to guard against the weapons as she grit her teeth.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Someone suddenly appeared in front of Muir and repelled the weapons.

“Muir, are you okay?!” (Arnold)
“Oji-san!” (Muir)

The one who had arrived was Muir’s reliable guardian, Arnold Ocean.

Eonis, wary of Arnold, who had suddenly appeared during Muir’s crisis, immediately took some distance from the two.

“…….that person should be Herbreed’s opponent.” (Eonis)

As Eonis looked around restlessly, searching for her comrade Herbreed-

“I’m sorry Eonis!” (Herbreed)

Herbreed arrived at her location.

“…….Herbreed.” (Eonis)
“During the time my vision was blocked by the wind, it seems that he came over here.” (Herbreed)

Herbreed spoke as he looked at Arnold.

“Muir, can you stand?” (Arnold)

Looking at Muir’s worn-out appearance and the figure of her opponent, Eonis, Arnold discerned just how hard Muir had fought.

“You really fought well. Just leave the rest to me while you…..” (Arnold)
“No, I can still fight!” (Muir)
“…..but you….” (Arnold)

She was clearly giving off the impression of having reached the limits of her stamina. Not only that, but Arnold could see that her right arm had received a pretty serious injury, making it quite dangerous for her to continue any further.

That was why Arnold had thought to do what he could on his own, until he had seen Muir’s unwavering gaze.

“Thank you for saving me, Oji-san. But I don’t want to be someone who is just protected all the time! That’s why….” (Muir)

Muir ground her teeth as she desperately rose and stood next to Arnold.

“This time I’m going to fight next to Oji-san and everyone!” (Muir)

The weak, young girl who could only watch from behind Hiiro and Arnold’s backs as they fought no longer existed.

Even though just standing should have been painful for her, upon seeing Muir whose gaze looked only straight ahead of her, Arnold’s chest was filled with a feeling that didn’t let him say anything back.

After murmuring, “You’ve really gotten stronger, haven’t you?” in a quiet voice, Arnold said,

“Got it! Then I won’t say that we should just hold on until Shishou defeats her opponent! We’re gonna defeat them!” (Arnold)
“Yeah!” (Muir)

The resolve of the two had been decided.

“…….it doesn’t seem like we’ll be able to take it easy on them because they’re injured.” (Herbreed)
“I wasn’t planning on doing that to begin with.” (Eonis)

Sensing Muir and Arnold’s resolve, Herbreed braced his body.

“Muir, let’s show them our combination!” (Arnold)
“Okay! I’ll cover you with my last bit of power!” (Muir)

As she said that, Muir ground her teeth while enduring the pain and raised both hands.

“《Thunderclap Inversion》!” (Muir)

From Muir’s two hands, a bobbling soap bubble was produced. Then, it skillfully avoided Arnold and began to head towards the enemy.

“Herbreed, it’ll be dangerous if you’re hit by that.” (Eonis)
“Understood. Then, Shadow Bow!” (Herbreed)

Herbreed sent a black arrow flying towards the approaching bubble. When the arrow hit the bubble, the bubble wrapped around it, releasing an electrical discharge as it stopped moving.

“I see, so we won’t be able to carelessly approach, huh.” (Herbreed)
“I want to use that.” (Eonis)
“That? It’s true that if it’s that, we’ll be able to take care of them at once, but my magic’s basically run dry, you know?” (Herbreed)
“No problem. I’ll definitely deal the final blow with that chance.” (Eonis)
“…..understood. Then….” (Herbreed)

Taking a single step backwards, Herbreed raised both of his hands high up into the sky. As he did so, a large amount of bluish-white magical power began to rise up from his body into the sky.

“What?” (Arnold)

Although Arnold also felt that Herbreed’s actions were questionable, thinking that it was convenient if he wasn’t going to move, he rushed forward to attack Eonis, who was in front of him.

“Be careful Oji-san! If you touch her even a little, then she’ll be able to send her magnetic forces through you!” (Muir)
“Something like that doesn’t matter! I’ll cut her down with all my power!” (Arnold)

Arnold swung his giant sword down upon Eonis…….but his sword suddenly avoided Eonis’ body of its own accord, and 《Kaishin》, which had returned to her feet before Arnold had realized it, collided with his sword.

“I’ve already sent my magnetism through that sword.” (Eonis)

Because he had repelled the weapons with his sword when he had saved Muir, Arnold’s sword had already fallen under Eonis’ influence.

“Che! Then take thissss!” (Arnold)


Suddenly, wind began to swirl around rapidly with Arnold in its center.

“Funuoooooo!” (Arnold)

This time, 《Kaijin》and all the other swords spun around and began to attack Eonis. She also used the gap in between that attack to immediately jump high into the air and escape.

“Like I’d let you run! 《Explosive Wind Clawwww》!” (Arnold)

He turned to the sky and shot off countless wind blades.

“Ku-!” (Eonis)

Eonis tightened her guard against the unexpected attack, but her body became covered in wounds. And then, with a small snap, the string of her eye mask was also cut.

With a twitch, she fell to the ground. As she did so, her eye mask also landed gently on the ground, and her eyes, which had been covered up until then, were exposed.

“Eonis!?” (Herbreed)

Seeing that, Herbreed unintentionally let out a shout. With that, Eonis, once again, realized that her eye mask had been taken off, and-

“Iyaaaaaaaa!” (Eonis)

-suddenly covered both her eyes as she cowered on the ground. Upon seeing her current state, Arnold and Muir became dumbfounded as they froze.

Having seen that, Herbreed shot off some words in a flustered manner.

“Kuh! It can’t be helped!” (Herbreed)

As he did so, a giant magic circle-like figure appeared in the sky.

Herbreed swung his raised arms downwards in one fell swoop.

“Arm Shootram!” (Herbreed)

At Herbreed’s words, something fell towards the ground from the magic circle. If one were to look at it closely, that ‘something’ included numerous black swords, black arrows, black axes, black spears and other various weapons.

The many weapons poured down upon the battlefield like rain. No, more accurately, they rained down upon the place where Arnold and Muir stood.


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