CSWH Chapter 8

The wording gets a little…interesting in this chapter, but I did what I could. If anyone has any suggests on edits, you’re more than welcome to comment! Hope you enjoy the chapter!

CSWH Chapter 8: Father’s Lamentation 2

Though the ceremony was enveloped with sadness, it ended all too quickly.

After that, Gazelle tackled each and every one of his days like a billowing wave.

As if to run away from his sense of loss, he threw himself into his work.



His wounds would never heal.

Because that was simply how big her existence was within him.


However, as the ordinary days passed, he gradually managed to put his heart back in order……and around that time, he held some extremely healthy feelings towards exterminating the burglars.

Mellice implored Gazelle.

Saying……that she wished to be trained.


When she came to him with her earnest eyes, he didn’t think that she would train to such an extent……for she went at the training with such a bloodcurdling vigour that he could only give her his honest praise.


At first, she had no sword skills(1) to be seen at all.

However, it gradually became sharper, and then swifter.


It was, well, an advancement that was simply fascinating.


She caught up with her brother, who had started training before her and was over 3 years older than her, and tried exchanging blows with him.


Eventually, her elder brother was incapable of being her opponent anymore, and she started to battle Gazelle instead.


Her height, the length of her limbs, her power, and her speed were all completely different from him.


However, she managed to bite into him.

If she lacked power, then she compensated that with technique.


A style in order to overthrow that.


She created it by herself.


Eventually, every time he faced off against her, he would shiver and goosebumps would rise.


What he had felt during the ceremony, was her abnormal genius.


Thinking that he absolutely hadn’t seen wrong at all, he laughed.


Because even compared to himself, she was a prodigy.

It wasn’t merely to the extent where she’d hear one and understand ten.

Even without being taught, she understood ten on her own, and hearing one, she deepened her understanding of that one.

That was her talent.

Translator Notes

  1. ^ 剣筋 (ken suji) = literally translates into “sword muscle”, but based on context I changed it to “sword skills”

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  1. Seki says:

    Im liking this, thanks for translating!


  2. Lewd Anon says:

    It’s kind of amazing how cheat-like she is, when you consider she went from being a strong swordswoman to a celebrity icon that could make or break social gatherings simply by whether or not she attended.

    Throw in the fact that she still looked extremely youthful despite her age before Iris began sharing beauty products with her mother, and the fact that she ended up extremely close to the Queen Dowager as well.

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  4. Oh my God! Mellice is even more amazing than what we get to know at Duke’s Daughter.
    Thank you for the translation!

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  5. DOH says:

    Thank you for the chapter~


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