CSWH Chapter 9

Apologies for some of the run-on sentences. I couldn’t think of a good way to separate them. I hope it didn’t make the translation too clunky…^^;

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CSWH Chapter 9: Father and Son

Seeing her continue to move ahead step by step, her brother simply laughed and watched over her.


“……aren’t you frustrated?”


Finding that mysterious on one occasion, Gazelle asked his son.


“Good grief……..I am a member of the Anderson Marquis House, and your son. I have long understood my own limits.”


“Something like limits……that sort of thing, isn’t it fine to just break them down?”


“Father. It’s true that simply deciding that it’s your limit and giving up on something is a foolish act. However, is it not essential for one to properly gauge one’s own capacity? ……That and I were undoubtedly standing in different positions to begin with. If I may say something rather outrageous, I do not at all think that I would be unable to win against every member of the Military who is capable of keeping up with father’s training. However, I absolutely cannot see any position from which I can catch up to that. So it was true that seeing a true genius makes one think that even becoming jealous is a stupid thing.”


Seeing his son’s indifferent and calm figure as he spoke, Gazelle groaned.

Clearly, his son had reached the truth in his own way.

Bravery and recklessness are different.

After ascertaining his own capacity, he sought to draw back at times.

Even if he was ignited, he was calm at all times.

It was a manner of speaking that didn’t seem fitting for a child that had just passed the age of 10.

He boiled inside, feeling that his son too had his own sort of interesting talent.


His son was by no means weak.

Presently, there was no way that he would lose to anyone in his generation.

While he wasn’t at the point where he’d make a good opponent against Gazelle’s close subordinates like his daughter, his son was at a level where it was possible for him to win against those Gazelle hadn’t been training for too long.

It was to the extent that, once he grows up, he’d be able to become an excellent military commander.




…….however, Gazelle felt that his true talent may lie elsewhere.

Compared to himself and his daughter, his son’s fighting spirit and utter tenacity in the military arts were weak.

If he had to say, it might not be a bad idea for his son to take a step back and become a commanding officer participating in planning.


At the vision that he thought of, he felt his blood boil.

Entrust the front line to his daughter, while his son took command in the rear.

As the general, he would be the commander to bring all of that together.

…….does that not seem interesting, is what he thought.





So Gazelle tried probing out his son.

He asked whether or not he wanted to try learning tactics.

His son readily consented to that.

When Gazelle spoke about it to those from the Military who came to visit the mansion because they missed him, it seems that they had originally held a similar interest.


From that day on, his son began to learn about tactics from a lecturer brought in through Gazelle’s connections.

Gradually, using the data accumulated from Gazelle’s past battles as a base, his son became capable of holding discussions with those from the Military who came visiting.

Though Gazelle wondered exactly what the assembled documents would be used for when they were requested of him, upon seeing his son’s appearance during the discussions, he was honestly surprised.

Goodness, it was an impact to the point where the word “surprise” was simply too light to describe it.

When he asked the lecturer about it, it seemed that after quickly comprehending the basics, his son had begun the discussions on his own.

When he talked to those from the Military about it, he received words like, “You only realized it just now?” or, “Didn’t the general instruct him to do it?” In contrast, they were surprised that he hadn’t known about it.


…….for sure, his son had wrenched open his own talents all by himself.


He felt his blood boil with excitement.

After annihilating the thieves who had killed his wife, he had been thinking of quickly turning things over to the next generation and retiring, but……he felt that would regrettable, to do that.


Feeling that his children’s youth was dazzling, the will that he couldn’t stand to lose against them filled him.


“……now then, shall I also start training?”


As he murmured that with a ferocious smile, the facial expressions of the soldiers next to him seemed to twitch stiffly.

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