CSWH Chapter 12


CSWH Chapter 12: Crimson over Red

And then, it was the day of departure from the territory.


I didn’t become capable of walking in high heels, but I was still a child.

It was fine even if I wore lower heels, so we skipped that practice.


Truthfully, I only learned how to quietly drink tea, turn down conversations if spoken to, and how to answer if asked a question – basically things that would allow me to simply ‘be’ there. However, any further training was……rather, thinking about it time-wise it was impossible to have any other lessons.


Though it was a bit late for it, my current impression was that the manners of nobles were extremely profound.


As I thought that, the carriage rocked.

Just how many years has it been since I last rode a carriage?

Lately, I’ve only really done training in horseback riding within the premises at home.


During the time that I thought about inconsequential things, before I knew it, we had left the Anderson Marquis House territory.


After going a bit further, suddenly, the carriage began to go faster.

And then, atmosphere of all the guards changed.


It was a situation in which I understood that something happened even without asking.


I didn’t know how many opponents there were, but we were being attacked.

As proof of that, I could hear the familiar sounds of swords clashing in the distance.


Guessing from the presences, there were a large number of enemies.


I grabbed the sword that I received from father.

If I didn’t have it on hand, it made me feel anxious. And at a time like this, I truly felt from the bottom of my heart, that it was a good thing I kept it with me.


I softly opened the curtains, and looked outside from the window.


As all the guards fought against the enemies, a separate hostile group headed straight for my carriage.


And then, the moment when someone roughly opened the door.


I reflexively drew out my sword at my fastest speed, and using that momentum, took that man’s neck.

With a spurt, a lukewarm red colour gushed out.

The smell of iron enveloped me.


It truly was just a reflex.

A movement that had been driven in, and deeply ingrained into my body. Without any hesitation, I had swung my sword.


In this situation on which my life hung, I did not have the time to hesitate.

Even though it was my first battle, the act by which I took my opponent’s life was truly simple and quick.


For a moment, I absentmindedly looked at the headless man.

Unlike what my house’s guards were wearing, it was a crude appearance.

Just in case, I examined the head, but it was a face that I had never seen before.


……was I the one who killed him?


Thinking that, a nauseating feeling welled up from within my chest.


However, I soon came to my senses, and mounted the horse of the man I just killed.


“What’s wrong! If it is all of you who have learned from General Gazelle,  then show me that you can crush the enemy even if they win in numbers!”


When I tried to bring up some morale amongst the guards who had been pressured by the numbers, they gave a surprised look and glanced at me momentarily.


However, they soon made serious expressions, and focussed upon their opponents that they were crossing blows with.


I too, pulled off the extensions on my hair, and took up my sword.




Breathing in, I allowed my consciousness to sink down, and sharpened the feeling of my nerves.


Feel your opponent’s breathing.

Read the flow, and strike the gaps.

And then past the point between life and death, you will find the path to life.


I, who was in the depths of my consciousness, spoke.


My body moved so well according to my imagination, that it felt good.


The sword that I had swung several thousands, several tens of thousands of times, was like a part of my body.

Those tracks, formed one gust of wind that stole the lives of my opponents.


By the time I recovered, there wasn’t anyone left in my surroundings.

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