CSWH Chapter 13

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CSWH Chapter 13: Fear

Out of the bunch that attacked us, only a single one was left while the rest were dyed red and stretched out upon the ground.

It seems that the guards also managed to crush each of their opponents.


After confirming the current state of affairs, I returned my gaze to the sole enemy that had been left alive. As I did so, the man’s legs completely gave out.

He had lost the horse meant for him to run away, and had no other means of leaving this place.


When I turned my eyes towards him, the man let out a short scream as he shrunk back.

…….I certainly seem to be quite feared.


Laughing sarcastically, I pointed my sword at the man.


“I-I didn’t hear about this……! That the one riding it was a double. I didn’t hear about this at all!”


Oh my, it seems that I’ve been mistaken as a double.

Well……looking at my appearance and movements, it’s true that you’d hardly think I was the child of a noble.

Resolving the misunderstanding would be a pain, and taking into considering the future course of things, it would be best to take advantage of his words.


“Ojou-sama’s physical condition isn’t good, after all. So I came instead…….and so? Do you have any other comrades?’


“I-I don’t…….”


“I see. Then, what is your reason for targeting Ojou-sama?”


“I-I don’t know……!”


When I glared at the yelling man, his face became stiff.


“It’s true! I really don’t know…….! It’s just that we got a hold of info that a Marquis House’s young miss would be passing through here today, so……”


“………it seems that there will be a need to collect evidence. You and you there, capture this man and hand him over to father in the Capital. At the same time, report about this incident.”


“Ojou-sama will……”


“I will be returning to the territory. Have father report to the Queen regarding this incident. If he says that I collapsed due to fear or the like, then I’m sure she’ll understand………and I lost the hair extensions too after all.”


If I, who is known to be an Ojou-sama with a weak constitution, was capable of attending with an unconcerned face even though something like this happened, that in itself would be unnatural.


……more like, if it’s fine that I don’t attend, then I rather not.

Though I diligently took lessons, there’s also the fact that I didn’t want to participate in a party organized by the Queen with my current state of merely maintaining a pretence.


Looking at the carriage, it wasn’t completely gone, but quite a number had been done on it.

The biggest problem was that the wheels had become unsteady.


“Granny, are you alright?”


When I called out to Granny, who was inside, her face was pale as blood drained from it.




As she took my outstretched hand, Granny’s hand was lightly trembling.

……although she didn’t lose consciousness, I suppose it was as one might expect.


“That one said that he didn’t have any other comrades, but we don’t know if that is the definite truth. It’s undoubtedly dangerous to keep staying here, so let’s hurry up and go……..all the moreso for the two who will be going to the Capital while carrying a single prisoner. Also, I’m sorry to Granny, but someone let her ride on their horse.”


I gripped the reins.


“Well then, disperse.”


It may have been too early for me to say those words, as I had my horse start running.

Other than the two guards heading for the Capital, the rest followed after me.

And then, in the end I returned to the mansion without going to the Capital.

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  1. Lewd Anon says:

    Damn. And here I thought she’d end up going to the capital, all bloodied and untamed, and immediately end up earning the affection of the future Duke.

    A nice little twist; though I’m still looking forward to the “loved him since childhood” statement the Queen Regent mentioned in regards to Melly back in Duke’s Daughter.


  2. DOH says:

    Thank you for the chapter~


  3. fefnir2200 says:

    absolutely wonderfull , and this is only the beginning ! Continue your hardwork .


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