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CSWH Chapter 17

This chapter was a bit of a pain to translate…….so I do apologize if it’s a bit of a clunky read. Just a side note, but the “board game” referred to in this chapter is probably some kind of war … Continue reading

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TMBRFNL Chapter 14

Life makes Kiriko much tired. Kiriko sleep now~ Enjoy the chapter~nya~ *yawn* Credits: TL: Kiriko Editor: Ghost TMBRFNL Chapter 14: Those who point their blades “Fuaaaahh~~~”   Within the underground cell, the echo of a loud, unstifled yawn caused numerous sharp … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 16

Back to Mel~ CSWH Chapter 16: Movement Clang clang……the sound of swords clashing reverberated.   “That’s all! The winner is Mel!”   The referee loudly called out my name. I sheathed the sword used for mock battles and left the arena. … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 15

The talk continues. CSWH Chapter 15: The General and Prime Minister 2 “…….just why have you gone that far to seek my support?”   “Well, of course, 90% of it is due to my calculations as the Prime Minister…….right now, you’re … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 14

Ho ho ho, I think everyone can see where the story is starting to go with this chapter. The one that everyone is waiting for should appear in a couple more chapters. On that note, hope you enjoy the chapter! … Continue reading

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