CSWH Chapter 19


CSWH Chapter 19: Encounter

The place I headed for was a tower within the Capital.

It was a place my father brought me to the other day.

Naturally, to enter the tower one needed to get past the soldiers on lookout, but as they were members undergoing training at our home, they were acquaintances with me. As such, they easily let me through.


Climbing the long, long stairs, I arrived at the top of the tower.


The scenery here that looked over the Capital was very wonderful.

Though, since it was built to be used as a lookout post in times of emergency, it wasn’t open to the general public.

But that was exactly why I came to this place where you could see such beautiful scenery, as it made it so I could be completely alone.


The first time I came here and saw the scenery, I was deeply moved.


However, right now with my teary eyes, I couldn’t even see that very scenery.

The moment I thought that I was alone, the feelings that I had been enduring up until now overflowed, and together with them, tears began to fall, one after the other.




It was mortifying.


It was embarrassing.


……it was wretched.


Aren’t I like a buffoon?

When they saw me, everyone looked past me and saw my father.

Despite that, I…….


The negative feelings that accumulated in my heart heavily weighed it down, making my chest hurt.

Even if I cried, it didn’t get even the slightest bit lighter.

Rather, it only became heavier.


It was the moment when I opened my mouth, wanting to cry out.


I heard the sound of something clattering.




As if taking out my anger on them, I questioned the other party that I had yet to see in a cold voice.


“I should be the one asking, who are you? This isn’t a place that a child should be entering.”


Standing there was a boy slightly older than me.






“……you yourself do not appear to be a member of the authorized personnel here.”


“I had previously come here with my father on an inspection. Since then, the inspection for this place was tentatively left to me…….and so? You are?”


“……m-my father is……someone involved with the army. I was also brought here by him before. The gatekeepers here are also my acquaintances……”


It was very hard to say.


The boy that I had taken my anger out on had a reason to come here.

I, however, simply came here because of my selfish desire to be alone.


That too, was something I could do because of my father’s name.


Earlier, I had become lost at the sheer size of my father’s existence. Even though I was crying due to feeling ashamed at my own weakness that rendered me unable to fly out of his grasp, I was, in the end, using my father’s name.


The heated emotions that seemed like they were going to explode a moment ago suddenly cooled.


“So that’s why they let you in here?”


“……I-I’m sorry. Even though I came in due to personal reasons, I used that tone of voice with you in asking who you were. I will leave immediately…….”




He stopped me as I stood up.


“I played it cool and said it was my duty, but it isn’t an official appointment. I like the view from here, so when I received permission from my father to come here, as part of the deal, I was to report about the status of this place……and such. It’s really just a lenient condition that he added on(1). That’s why I don’t have the qualifications to find fault with you for being here. Of course, if you were completely unrelated to this place, and just snuck in here for an adventure, then I’d have a headache wondering what was going on with the guards here……”


……I’ve caused some trouble for the gatekeepers here.


Though it may be rather late of me to think this, I felt like my head was about to start hurting at my own foolishness.


“……rather, I must apologize. I didn’t speak up, and pretty much ended up eavesdropping.”


“You’re not at fault. Even though you’re not……I……”


And then, I began to tell him about my situation.

Using the guard setting that my father created for me.

In the middle of it, he sat next to me and quietly listened.


“……it’s quite natural to be told that.”


After hearing my story, those were the first words he spoke.


Like I thought……it felt as if a heavy rock was suffocating my chest.


“What need is there to cry that much? Is it not the truth that you are in a blessed environment? The man’s words with regards to that is the truth. Though……it is nonsense that isn’t worth listening to.”


“Even though it’s the truth, it’s nonsense?”


“It’s because it’s the truth. Something that has happened in reality. Just a single thing that can never be overturned. It is a personal, subjective opinion about that truth. It is just that man’s interpretation of the fact that you were taught the sword by your father.”


“……I don’t really get it.”


“In other words, he’s just jealous. Using the truth as a shield, he’s just attacking you by putting his feelings into words. If you keep minding each and every person that does that, you won’t hold up.”


“But, it’s true that I was lacking in power……”


“So what?”


At his query, I became speechless.


“It is fine to feel ashamed when your own power is insufficient. However, there is no need to abase yourself because of it. It is fine to only look forward, facing your goal and advancing towards it. There is no need to mind such nonsense.”


“……only looking forward……”


“That’s right. For what purpose are you practicing military arts? ……if you don’t have a reason for not surrendering, then just quit it. Because in the future, there will likely be plenty of guys like that man.”


The boy’s words heavily resounded in my chest.


……that’s right, I have a goal.

No matter how difficult, or how painful, even if there isn’t anything to gain from it in the future.


I will not forgive the ones who stole away my precious ones. I will definitely make them face retribution.


I had resolved myself to do that.


Not enough power? ……then I should just train more(2).


The people around me don’t approve of me? ……I wasn’t looking for their approval to begin with.


I was simply seeking power for the sake of the result I desired.


When I thought that, it felt like my field of vision widened.


“……thanks. I feel very refreshed.”


“I see.”


“Though it does seem that your suggestions are filled with quite a bit of your personal feelings?”


“Probably because I am also someone who struck at for being born into a blessed environment.”


“……then you and I are the same.”




I stared at him fixedly.

Although he had handsome features, he gave off the impression of being scary rather than beautiful. This was probably because he was constantly surrounded by a sharp air.


Just based on his body frame, he probably wasn’t seriously pursuing the military arts……well, it doesn’t seem like I’d lose to him.


Even so, I wonder why.

In a different sense, I couldn’t beat him.

I had that sort of feeling.


“……my name is Melly. I don’t know if we’ll meet again, but best regards.”


“My name is Rui…….nice to meet you.”


Saying that, we exchanged handshakes.

Translator Notes:

  1. ^ I think he’s pretty much trying to say that the so-called “duty” he was given by his father was more or less an excuse to give him permission to enter the tower.
  2. ^ Technically she says that she should just “add more”, but that doesn’t really make much sense in English.

Translator Comments:

Pretty sure everyone who’s reading this series has read Duke’s Daughter, so you all probably know who Rui is. Which is why I have to say……KITAAAA!!!!!!

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