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CSWH Chapter 38 (ver. 2)

With this, we’ve finally surpassed the number of chapters that the previous version of CSWH had…….should I still keep adding the “(ver. 2)” in the post titles? Maybe I’ll start leaving them out as of next chapter. In any case, … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 37 (ver. 2)

Similar to the previous Chapter 32 with some modifications and additions. CSWH Chapter 37: Prime Minister’s Admiration “……haa, haa……….!”   Reflected in my eyes was the practice arena of the Anderson Marquis House. In the centre of it was Mellice. Right … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 36 (ver. 2)

First part is similar to the previous Chapter 31, latter part is new material. CSWH Chapter 36: My Daily Life “Parx-sama, welcome back.”   When I returned to the mansion, I happened to bump into elder brother. For the time … Continue reading

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Notice Regarding TMBRFNL and Other Things

Hey everyone! I’m sure those of you who are on NovelUpdates have realized by now, but The Magnificent Battle Records of a Former Noble Lady (TMBRFNL) has been picked up by Asian Hobbyist. You can read Chapter 18 here. I mostly … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 35 (ver. 2)

Generally the same as the previous Chapter 30. CSWH Chapter 35: The Little Girl’s Vow “Haa haa……”   For the first time in my life, I ran with all my might. Desperately, in order to run away.   It was an … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 34 (ver. 2)

New material~ CSWH Chapter 34: My Oath Up until now, I have……been conceited in thinking that I was the most unfortunate person in this world. Having my precious person stolen away was indeed enough of a motivator to curse the world … Continue reading

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