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CSWH Chapter 62

Chapters are getting longer-nyaaaa! And the author’s writing style feels like it’s getting even more convoluted…so if there’s a better way to word things, please tell me… -_- Maa, at the very least it seems like things are gonna start … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 61

It begins~ CSWH Chapter 61: My Training The next day, I once again visited the Armelia Ducal House. Incidentally, Father still had not returned from the Armelia Ducal House. After I had returned home last night, a messenger came from the … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 60

This chapter was a bit longer than expected……thanks for waiting! Hope you enjoy the chapter~ CSWH Chapter 60: My Marriage Meeting 2 “I’m the one who wants to know…….why are you here!? Rui……!”   Looking up at him from point-blank range, … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 59

Kitaaaaaaaa! Also, I’m bad at writing formal language, so sorry if the dialogue sounds awkward… ^^; CSWH Chapter 59: My Marriage Meeting Since then, three days passed in the blink of an eye. And today, I will be heading to the … Continue reading

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