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CSWH Chapter 66

CSWH Chapter 66: My Training after a Long Time The next day, I had a break from my lessons so I went to the training grounds for the first time in a while. Naturally, I was dressed up as Mel.   … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 65

Phew, finally a chapter that isn’t obscenely long…. 😛 CSWH Chapter 65: The Beginning of Father and Mother’s Love And then, a few days later. Since it had been a while since I last saw Father, I headed towards Father’s study. … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 64

Sorry for the delay~ CSWH Chapter 64: The Rendezvous between Him and I After that the lesson ended and I exited the room, walking towards the entranceway. I wouldn’t say……that I was fully familiar with it, but as expected after coming … Continue reading

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CSWH Chapter 63

CSWH Chapter 63: The Contents of My Lesson “……okay, stop.”   Together with the sound of clapping, I stopped my movements.   “Mellice-san’s posture is very good. I wonder if it’s because of your military training?”   In response to Aurelia-sama’s … Continue reading

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