KnW Character List

**NOTE: This page will no longer be updated, as I have dropped this project**

This page is just something I want to use for reference so that it becomes easier to keep track of the numerous characters there are in KnW. I get a bit confused sometimes reading out their names in Katakana, so I’ve included the names of the characters written in Japanese as well (mainly first names, except for the summoned characters). Nicknames (and other names) are also included to make it easier to understand who a character might be talking/referring to at times. I’ve also included some “important characteristics” for those hard-to-remember side characters.  Please feel free to contribute in case I’ve missed something or have yet to add a character onto the page.

(List is completed for now, will update as new characters appear. 06-20-2015)

*******Potential SPOILERS AHEAD*******

MAIN (Current Travel Companions) [as of Chapter 128]

Hiiro Okamura (丘村日色/ヒイロ・オカムラ): the main protagonist
Nicknames: Red Robe, Hero (ヒーロー), Shishou/Master

Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose (りりィん): an Evila with the appearance of a young, red-haired girl
Nicknames: Aka-Loli (red loli)

Silva Plutis (シウバ): a perverted butler that works for Liliyn
Nicknames: Perverted old man (変態ジジイ, Chp. 75), Perverted butler

Shamoe (シャモエ): a clumsy maid that works for Liliyn
Nicknames: Clumsy maid (ドジメイド)
Race: Magic beast (half-Evila, half-beastman)

Nikki (ニッキ): Hiiro’s disciple; female
Nicknames: Idiot Disciple (Baka-Deshi), Nicchan (for those close to her)
Appearance: pale purple, bobbed hair with a long ahoge

Summoned Heroes

Taishi Aoyama (青山大志/タイシ・アオヤマ): the sole (stereotypical) male hero

Chika Suzumiya (鈴宮千佳/チカ・スズミヤ): female hero, talkative and popular
Appearance: short bleached hair, slender figure

Shuri Minamoto (皆本朱里/シュリ・ミナモト): female hero, Yamato Nadeshiko-type
Appearance: long black hair, big-boobed, drooping eyes and a beauty mole by her eye

Shinobu Akamori (赤森しのぶ/シノブ・アカモリ): female hero, active and curious; talks in Kansai-ben
Appearance: slightly wavy black hair, cattish eyes

Humas/Humans (Country: Victorias/ヴィクトリアス)

Rudolph van Strauss Arcliam (ルドルフ): king of Victorias [Demonized, taken away, more or less dead]
Nicknames: Foolish king (by Hiiro)

Māris(マーリス): queen of Victorias

Lilith (リリス): first princess of Victorias
Appearance: pretty, with long orange hair

Vale Kimble (ウェル・キンブル): male, second division army captain in charge of training the summoned heroes
Appearance: short green hair, handsome

Judom Lankars (ジュドム・ランカース): male, Guild Master of Victorias, a SSS-ranked adventurer
Nicknames: Impact King, Muscle Man
Appearance: white hair with a beard, over 2 metres tall, muscular

Evila (Xaos/ハーオス)

Eveam (イヴェアム): the current demon king, female
Nicknames: Maou (Demon Lord)
Appearance: blonde hair

Aquinas (アクウィナス): male, rank 1 in Cruel
Appearance: red hair

Marione (マリオネ): male, rank 2 in Cruel
Nicknames: Moustache Baron (Hige-Danshaku)
Appearance: grim faced

Ornoth (オーノウス): male, rank 4 in Cruel
Appearance: a wolfman

Shublarz (シュブラーズ): female, rank 5 in Cruel
Nicknames: Deka-Chichi woman (big boobed woman)
Appearance: sociable and voluptuous

Grayald (グレイアルド): male, rank 6 in Cruel [KIA, death by manliness as of Chp. 105]
Appearance: young man in his 20s with darkish skin

Kiria (キリア): female, attendant of Eveam [Betrayed Evila, currently on different side]

Teckil (テッケイル): rank 3 in Cruel
Alias: Nazaar Skride (ナザー・スクライド)

Gabranth (Country: Passion/パシオン)

Arnold Ocean (アノールド): an old man obsessed with Muir, a former travel companion of Hiiro, an adventurer and cook
Nicknames: Uncle/Oji-san (by Muir), Pervert/Hentai, Lolicon
Appearance: short blue hair, in his 30s, muscular

Muir Castreia (ミュア): a loli, former travel companion of Hiiro
Nicknames: Shorty/Chibi
Appearance: waist-length silver hair, sky-blue eyes

Rarashik Fan’naru (ララシーク・ファンナル): Arnold’s master, a Gabranth researcher and hopeless alcoholic, inventor of 《Binding》
Nicknames: Shishou/Master, Chibi-Usagi
Appearance: green hair, long rabbit ears, loli
Race: Were-Rabbit

Leowald King (レオウード・キング): king of Passion
Nicknames: Papa, Lion
Appearance: stern lion-like face with a majestic mane

Mimir King (ミミル): second princess of Passion
Nicknames: Aoi-Ribbon/Blue Ribbon

Kukklia King (ククリア): first princess of Passion
Appearance: short crimson-brown hair, sharp eyes

Leglos King (レッグルス): first prince of Passion

Lenion King (レニオン): second prince of Passion
Appearance: similar to Kukklia

Crouch (クロウチ): member of the 《Three Warriors》, talks in ‘nyan nyan’
Nicknames: Nyanko-guy/Kitty Bastard (Nyanko-yarou)
Appearance: black hair, anthropomorphized black panther

Raive (ライブ): Arnold’s sister, Head Maid at the [King’s Tree]
Appearance: long blue hair, a beauty, smokes


Niño (ニンニアッホ): head of the fairies
Nicknames: Mother (Okaa-sama)
Appearance: long, light-blue hair, wings on back, slender

Orun (オルン): a Pheom with red hair
Nicknames: red one


Val Kiria (キリア): female, former attendant of Eveam

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  1. loliquent says:

    Add Mimir Description as Loli’s! Ufufufufu….
    Camus gender is Trap: Kukuku…
    Oh Xaoc is Xaos…
    Then it’s Kukklia King…

    And Silva is the Walking Hentai Ufufufu…


  2. Assassin says:

    I find it only you sir Kiriko who put character reference Iist which is really helps me alot cause other they dint even put it on their list of page

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  3. jorgelotr says:

    Anyone knows why Arnold has human ears? I know that his beast ears were cut down, but that doesn’t explain the other set.


  4. Kageryuu says:

    Also where did he appear from?


    • Minh Mai says:

      you mean Nikki? The story mentioned a bit about her in one of the recent chapters. A little girl in trouble picked up by Hiiro & followed him as an apprentice/ student


  5. add the chibi-usagi(forgot the name) too please.. oh, and arnold’s sister too..


  6. cloudytama says:

    Errr….didn’t Lilith was the third princess of Victoria??
    The first princess already died and the second princess was in coma because of summoning ritual…



    • Kiriko says:

      No, Rudolf had 4 daughters. The first two to do the summoning ritual were the two youngest – the 4th and the 3rd. The second princess is currently in a coma, while the first is Lilith, who succeeded in the ritual. At least, that’s what it says in chapter 1 of KnW.


  7. WYQ says:

    Add mikazuki too please


  8. Zer0 says:

    im kinda confused on how Nikki appeared(from what i remember he suddenly appeared could you give me a general background on him?)


    • itisn1tmyname says:

      isn’t Nikki a girl?
      Nevertheless, to answer your question: as far as I know they (like in: Hiiro, Liliyn & appendizes) picked her up when traveling to Xaos.
      She lived alone in some kind of forest, protected by some sort of monster. The monster died, and because of reasons she decided to take a liking to Hiiro and became his pupil.


  9. Minh Mai says:

    Please add mikazuki or she will be jealous with nikki.


  10. itisn1tmyname says:

    maybe you should update Crouch’s appearance: His/her white form, when ripped of his/her power.
    Damn, that’s confusing T-T


  11. okami says:

    add the people from the ashura tribe (dessert people) from arc 2
    also like in the recent chaps add mimir’s nickname : aoi-ribbon


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