TMBRFNL Character List

Similar to what I did for KnW, here’s a page for reference so it’s easier to keep track of the many characters in TMBRFNL. I’ve included the names of the characters in both English and Katakana, as well as any nicknames/titles they might have. Since it can be hard to differentiate the characters just based on their names, I’ve also included some important characteristics such as their appearance and such.

(Last updated: April 28, 2018)

******WARNING: Potential SPOILERS AHEAD!!******

MAIN: Purification Journey Members [As of Chapter 10]

Syltina (シルティーナ): the main protagonist
Former Name: Syltina Balratona (シルティーナ・バルラトナ)
Nicknames: Syl, Sylti, Big Sis Syl
Appearance: short blonde hair

Alhart Roulans (アルハルト・ルーランス): Syltina’s party member
Nicknames: Al
Appearance: silver hair

Kuroitsu (クロイツ): Syltina’s familiar
Nicknames: Kuro (black cat form)
Appearance (human form): long black hair, golden eyes

Tieltinkle (ティルティンクル): Alhart’s familiar

Miliane Fruktor (ミリアーネ・フルクトル): an elf talented in magic that ran away from home
Appearance: long, pointed ears, hair with a mix of white and light blue, golden eyes, white skin

Akari Fuyuhara (アカリ・フユハラ): the b*tch Saintess from another world
Nicknames: Saintess

Fract Rideiran (フラクト・リディーラン): the First Prince of Rideiran Kingdom

Tedla Balratona (テドラ・バルラトナ): Syltina’s former younger brother

Dipterous Sword Guild

Aite (アイト): Guild Master

Clarina Hamillee (クラリナ・ハミューリー)
Nicknames: Witch of Foresight (先見の魔女)
Appearance: long black hair and black eyes

Rain Nanasight (レイン・ナナセイト)
Nicknames: Thunder God’s Spearman (神雷の槍使い)
Appearance: short golden hair and sky-blue eyes

Camina Rulance (カミーナ・ルーランス)
Nicknames: Resourceful Commander (知略の将)
Appearance: man with golden eyes covered with brown cat fur

Elaine Hunar (エレイン・ヒューナー)
Nicknames: Smiling Gun Princess (微笑みの銃姫)
Appearance: wavy flaxen hair and chestnut-coloured eyes

Ilusa Smarf (イルーサ・スマーフ)
Nicknames: Dual Blade God of Death (双剣の死神)
Appearance: man with rust-coloured hair and eyes, wears glasses

Jin Luranbard (ジン・ルランバルド): Luran Kingdom’s 2nd Prince
Appearance: dark blue hair and eyes

Rideiran Kingdom (リディーラン王国)

King (lol): the King of Rideiran Kingdom

Gared Balratona (ガルド・バルラトナ): Syltina’s former father

Zeld Balratona (ジルド・バルラトナ): Syltina’s former older brother

Eugene (ユージン): Syltina’s former attendant

Harginal (ハーギナル): Head Butler of the Balratona House

Famiras Kranzart: former Knight Leader
Notes: not yet seen in story, only mentioned

Places in the Story [As of Chapter 11]

  • Rideiran Kingdom (リディーラン王国)
  • Luran Kingdom (ルラン王国)
  • Rufhanna Village (ルフハナ村)