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Welcome to Kiriko Translations! Just before you start reading, the following is a general spiel regarding my view on releases and translating. You don’t have to read it, but it’s here to give a disclaimer about my general translating philosophy and the fan translation scene.

I translate because I enjoy a series, and want to share my enjoyment with others. That is all. Therefore, when I stop enjoying a series, I will likely stop translating it because I’ve lost interest in it….and that is why I will say this now…

I do not mind answering questions that people might have regarding chapters. If you find a flaw in the translation, feel free to tell me and I will fix it. If you have a suggestion, I will consider it. HOWEVER, I do not enjoy it when people harass me because they want a chapter to be released faster. Please do not ask me why I’m not releasing a chapter yet. Harassment only makes me want to stop translating.

I understand how frustrating it can be to have to wait for the next chapter. But please, realize that you are not entitled to translations. I am not making money off of this, nor do I intend on doing so. Translators have their own lives, and that may interfere with releases. So I ask you, the readers, to respect this. Please respect ALL the translators working on the series (and any other series that you may be following for that matter). Each translator has their own way of doing things, and some translators may not be as skilled as others. But all of them are trying their best to deliver content to people who would otherwise be unable to read it on their own. Please try to understand that.

Well, I’ve made this long enough as it is. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you for reading my thoughts until the end. I don’t think there will be, but if anything I’ve said has offended you, I apologize. I’ve tried to word this as politely as possible. Once again, thank you for visiting my site, and have fun reading!


153 Responses to Kiriko Translations Home

  1. Akash720 says:

    Where are the remaining chapters from 162 onwards till the end of 3rd arc?????
    Xcrossj said that he is going to translation now coz of these annoying leaches


  2. Uncle with Benefits says:

    Hey Kiriko. I have some advice for you.

    If you haven’t already, make a private Facebook group, or permanent chat-room on a website and invite the other members of your translator team to it.

    After that’s done, disable the comment section on this website. It’s nice to feel the appreciation for your hard work but in my experience individuals with a negative outlook speak the loudest. In the past I used to waste a lot of my precious time trying to persuade such people to a more congenial outlook; wasted time, because in the end everybody’s different. Some will understand, and others won’t.

    Your time is valuable, and it’s a real shame to spend it replying to the same questions you’ve already answered, just coming from different mouths. Your time would be much better spent with family, reading, eating, or taking a dump. Trust me, comments just are not worth it (see the irony?).

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  3. Edda says:

    Anyone know what happened to LoliQ? Everytime I try to go check it, it says it’s been deleted by the authors.


  4. Velaron says:

    hello there
    just want to thank you for your fast work
    i read a lot ligh novels and the speed on this one is very fast so keep upthe good work
    i hope all of you ppl translaiting this wont loose youur motiwation since thanks to you i can read to my heart conntent 😀


  5. Well grats to all the people that annoyed the hell out of the translators loliq’s and Netblazers site are now gone and xcrossj said he is taking a 3-4 month break from translating.

    Though a lot of people did just join the project and kiriko is still here!
    To everyone working on the project still please go at what ever pace you need to. Even if its 1 every 2 weeks we will all be grateful! Thank you guys for all you have done for us.

    And to the ones that have stopped translating it please know most of us appreciated everything that you did for us very very much! Please have fun in whatever it is you start doing next!

    Thank you guys!


  6. EL CONEJO says:

    Someone know what happen to NetBlazer? The site is actually down, wondering what happen.


  7. cyltea says:

    Thank you for translating KnY!


  8. rozenmaiden says:

    Thanks for Your Group’s Translation!! My condolences to you all.


    • kinsake says:

      Dude that sound like you’re saying they are dead… Welp now time to keep f5 on this site everyday till new chap release. I’m still curious of those comment that made people leave… I just haven’t seen one yet. Most of them are just simple thank you


  9. Jyazen says:

    I spy the comments are once again re-enabled…

    *chases around the neko to glomp and cuddle*

    Nyahahahahaha. My thanks to the team for the hard work. Now I’m off chasing after more cute things.



  10. Nbsiren says:

    The link for chapter 129 is broken 😦


  11. Nbsiren says:

    The links for chapters 135, 156, and 157 are also broken.


  12. Atlan03 says:

    Kiriko-san, at which chapter starts the 4th arc?


  13. zer says:

    Ty for tge translation


  14. SezA says:

    wow.. thats cool new fiture.. you had there,kiri-Nya..<3<3


  15. Habib Haji says:

    Your wording [The translators of KnW have their own lives, and that may interfere with releases. So I ask you, the readers, to respect this. Please respect ALL the translators working on the series]

    I want to help in making their lives easier by reducing any money concerns they (TLs, EDs) might have. Which are interfering in their power and time.

    It is up to you HOW to distribute money FROM readers’ support TO (TLs and EDs).
    I myself will would like to donate $US100 monthly to your site.
    Might even make it $US300 monthly if this site is making at least 1 chapter of KnW every 3 days or so.
    As long as nothing is going on in RL, I would like to donate to help TLs and EDs to have relaxed live, which would motivate them.


    • Kiriko says:

      Thank you for your concern for the RL of the TLs and EDs. I personally don’t take donations, but NetBlazer, who generally heads the team, has set up his site to do so. <–Here is the link to his site.
      Your support is greatly appreciated, but please do not feel obligated to have to donate. We will release KnW either way. That being said, it is up to you to decide on how to spend your own money, so feel free to do what you will.


  16. Alex says:

    Hi, i am an Avid reader and I really enjoy the knw Story, i appreciate the work of the team and as i like to read this story I would
    like to help.
    I can’t translate as I am only good in English and German(my native language) .
    Because of that i wanted to ask if I can Do anything???? Pls let me know ^^ U guys are Awesome!!!


    • Alex says:

      PS: i thought about donating But i don’t have a sufficient money Source since i am a Student. pls let me help somehow ^^


      • Kiriko says:

        Thank you for your offer, it’s nice to see someone being so supportive! Currently, we are only recruiting translators, as we recently recruited a number of editors to help with our (former) bottleneck in release speed. As things are now, we have a plethora of editors and a lack of translators in comparison, especially with the recent retirements of members. However, I’m sure that in the future, there may come a time when we need to recruit again, so please feel free to apply to become an editor, or perhaps a proofreader, then.


  17. desuworks says:

    So are you leaving the light novel scene? Or just waiting for another LN to interest you while translating crazy vet manga?


    • Kiriko says:

      For now, I’m gone from the LN scene. I don’t really have the time to be doing multiple projects at the moment. That said, if I find something that interests me, then I might pick it up, though releases would be fairly infrequent.


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