Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapters

**NOTE: As this project has been dropped, I will no longer be updating this list!**


Arc 1: Wanderer with the Unique Cheat

Chapter 1: Dragged into Another World
Chapter 2: Classmates
Chapter 3: Magic and Magic Power
Chapter 4: Word Magic
Chapter 5: As for the Heroes
Chapter 6: The Battle Against Demons
Chapter 7: Bon Voyage!
Chapter 8: An Average Guy that Won’t Work for Free
Chapter 9: Sword Encounter
Chapter 10: Evila
Chapter 11: Conference in the Demon Country
Chapter 12: Desire for Meat
Chapter 13: Tasting the Aqua Hound Meat
Chapter 14: First Comrades?
Chapter 15: The Heroes hear Rumours about Him
Chapter 16: Raer Festival
Chapter 17: Guild Master
Chapter 18: A Method to Pass the Check Point
Chapter 19: Encounter: A Unique Monster
Chapter 20: The Restrictions of Word Magic
Chapter 21: The Importance of Level
Chapter 22: The Bear People of Doggam
Chapter 23: The Determination of Vale
Chapter 24: Honey Gathering
Chapter 25: Tasty Honey Sweets
Chapter 26: The Meeting in the Kingdom of Beasts
Chapter 27: A Slice of Their Travels
Chapter 28: Faerie’s Garden
Chapter 29: One Night’s Experience
Chapter 30: Rumors of War
Chapter 31: The Four Heroes’ Strength, and Premonitions of War
Chapter 32: The Cree Caves
Chapter 33: Muir’s Awakening
Chapter 34: The Kitty Bastard’s Invitation
Chapter 35: Level Up to Power Up
Chapter 36: The Demon King’s Resolve
Chapter 37: Capital of the Beast Kingdom, Passion
Chapter 38: Arnold’s Master
Chapter 39: The Unstoppable War
Chapter 40: War Commences, and a Sudden Development!
Chapter 41: Interruption of the War
Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Country
Chapter 43: Rarashik’s Ability
Chapter 44: Muir’s Test Complete
Chapter 45: The Gabranth’s Roots
Chapter 46: Hiiro’s Decision
Chapter 47: Arnold’s Other Objective
Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid
Chapter 49: Hiiro and the Girl
Chapter 50: Mimir and the Boy
Chapter 51: Promise between the Two
Chapter 52: Arnold and Co’s Suspicions
Chapter 53: Identity of the Ghost and Friends
Chapter 54: A New Journey
Chapter 55: That Bird Again!
Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias
Chapter 57: One Month Later
Chapter 58: Now, Onto the Evila Continent

Arc 2: Into the Demon World

Chapter 59: Threat of the Grand Slime
Chapter 60: Resurrecting Butler
Chapter 61: The Insightful Butler, Silva
Chapter 62: A New Pervert (Companion)?
Chapter 63: Venom Mountain
Chapter 64: The Fight Against the Cactus Man
Chapter 65: Towards the Mansion
Chapter 66: The Chaotic Trio
Chapter 67: The Devious Girl – Liliyn
Chapter 68: A Butler’s Finesse
Chapter 69: Demon Beast Shamoe
Chapter 70: Little Girl – Strong? Weak?
Chapter 71: The Little Girl’s Invitation
Chapter 72: The Visiting Red Rain
Chapter 73: SS-Ranked Demon
Chapter 74: The Origin of the Red Rain
Chapter 75: The Apologizing Maid
Chapter 76: Contract with a Demon?
Chapter 77: New Travelling Companions
Chapter 78: The Servant’s Worries
Chapter 79: And Now, Towards the Journey
Chapter 80: The Heroes, One Month Later
Chapter 81: Everyone’s Expectations
Chapter 82: To the First Destination
Chapter 83: Battle in Raohrb Desert
Chapter 84: The Ashura Tribe
Chapter 85: Liliyn and Sivan
Chapter 86: Devotion of the Ashura
Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts
Chapter 88: Camus’s True Power
Chapter 89: Hiiro vs. Camus
Chapter 90: The Conclusion!
Chapter 91: Camus’ Resolve
Chapter 92: United Front
Chapter 93: A New Word Magic….and Title
Chapter 94: Confrontation: The Demon of the Desert
Chapter 95: Resolve
Chapter 96: The Conclusion, and a Tearful Parting
Chapter 97: The Word Magic’s Rebound
Chapter 98: Food! Ashura’s Nabe!
Chapter 99: Drunk Companions

Arc 3: The War Between Races

Chapter 100: Half a Year Later
Chapter 101: Prelude to the Conference
Chapter 102: The Demon Lord, to the Human World
Chapter 103: Conference for the Human-Demon Alliance
Chapter 104: King Rudolf’s Motive
Chapter 105: Beginning of Betrayal
Chapter 106: Beginning of War
Chapter 107: The Heroes Who Came to Know of Reality
Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!
Chapter 109: Hiiro’s True Ability
Chapter 110: The Imprisoned Ones
Chapter 111: Those Who are Alive
Chapter 112: Escape
Chapter 113: Judom’s Workmanship and a New Betrayal
Chapter 114: Out-of-Place Hiiro
Chapter 115: Meeting with the Demon Lord
Chapter 116: Hiiro and Eveam
Chapter 117: Request of the Demon Lord
Chapter 118: Hiiro, at Holy Oldine
Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength
Chapter 120: The Protagonist that Relieves His Stress
Chapter 121: The Transformed King
Chapter 122: Visitor
Chapter 123: The Path to Betrayal
Chapter 124: Hiiro, at the Demon Country Once More
Chapter 125: The Unparalleled Hiiro
Chapter 126: Hiiro vs. Crouch
Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness
Chapter 128: How to Deal With Zombies
Chapter 129: The 3 Cruel Veterans vs. the Second Prince of Gabranth
Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory
Chapter 131: Ornoth and the 4 Heroes
Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes
Chapter 133: The Preaching Hiiro
Chapter 134: The Irritated Protagonist
Chapter 135: The Start of the Dream
Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle
Chapter 137: Threat
Chapter 138: The Heroes and the Demon Lord, Face-to-Face
Chapter 139: Hiiro’s Coming-Out
Chapter 140: The Two Heroes’ Treatment
Chapter 141: Real Food, Demon Capital Cuisine!
Chapter 142: Late Night Conversation
Chapter 143: Permit Received!
Chapter 144: The Heroes’ and Teckil’s First Meeting
Chapter 145: The Mysterious Boy
Chapter 146: Ex-Demon Lord Avoros
Chapter 147: Hiiro’s Mission
Chapter 148: Mütich Bridge, Great Collapse!
Chapter 149: Role End?
Chapter 150: Resolution of the Gabranth
Chapter 151: After a Long Time, Evila Conference
Chapter 152: Eveam’s Decision
Chapter 153: Unprecedented Demand
Chapter 154: A Conversation in Prison
Chapter 155: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 156: Hiiro and Aquinas
Chapter 157: Longtime Companions
Chapter 158: It’s Definitely About Him!
Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~
Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro
Chapter 161: Arnold and Muir, Duel Participation Confirmed!
Chapter 162: Triumphant Hiiro
Chapter 163: Hiiro Charges to Passion
Chapter 164: The Doting Beast King
Chapter 165: Hiiro Leaves from Passion
Chapter 166: Victorias’ Circumstances

Arc 4: Evila vs. Gabranth – The Duel that Decides Fate

Chapter 167: Reunion
Chapter 168: Start of the Duel of Evila and Gabranth
Chapter 169: Marione vs. Leowald
Chapter 170: The Outcome of the Clash between the Sun and the Earth
Chapter 171: Arnold and Muir’s Duel Debut
Chapter 172: The Growth of the Former Companions
Chapter 173: Their Respective Abilities
Chapter 174: Muir’s Struggle
Chapter 175: Two vs. Two

*Warning: Some chapter titles may change (if currently unposted).

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  1. shade0180 says:


    so I was starting this and I have to ask is there any possible way to access chapter 36-39?

    It seems the one that was linked here has been deleted

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  2. Aforia says:

    i’m sorry but ch168 is a broken link


  3. mayu says:

    Hmmm. I think its been a month or more since the last update. Im having weird thoughts that it this project will be drop or abandoned. I hope not.


  4. Hollow says:

    Hi. I love Konjiki no Wordmaster. Thanks guys! But chapter 24 is missing


  5. okami says:

    i love this Novel!!!

    every badass needs a loli right?……or two….or three


  6. Mishagreeb says:

    Thank you for your translations!


  7. chapter 47 fix please because it redirects you to chapter 48 THANKS


  8. Hildegarde says:

    we are waiting till the end of time ……


  9. Peroroncino says:

    Should have been named not Wordmaster but Lolimaster

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  10. RyuZU says:

    Hi! I just started reading this novel and I would like to know that is there a way I can read an entire volume in one go without clicking the next chapter?


  11. Hatsune mikutan says:

    Waiting for next chap..


  12. All Night says:

    Question: At current who is still on the translation team, excluding Blaze??


  13. ROCH says:

    The translation progress became really slow when loliquent left… I guess no one can beat RL.


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  15. Conrad lorenzo says:

    chrome keeps giving me phishing warnings for blazing translations. is there some sort of error?


    • Kiriko says:

      Unfortunately, I’m not in charge of Blaze’s blog, so I can’t really say. I’m getting the same warning as well though. Maybe it could be due to all the ads on his blog overrunning it?


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  17. lvuer says:

    Hi, thanks for the translation.
    Just asking if there is a link to download all the translation? Like PDF or rar version?


    • lvuer says:

      Yes, I know you dropped the project. I still haven’t read any of it though… So rather than reading them one by one on site, I wonder if you have compiled them all into a single file (or per volume).


      • Kiriko says:

        Unfortunately, I haven’t complied them into any pdfs. Someone else might have though, so you can try searching around for them within the community? Sorry I can’t be of any help.


  18. 1010011 says:

    any got a pdf or epub of arc 3 ? TT


  19. nekross says:

    hi there new reader wondering if there are any other available links to certain other chapters since those that blaze translated is being blocked by multiple browsers and i have tried 5 and still blocked


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  26. habib1100 says:

    Thanks for doing this novel! 🤓


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