Common Sense of a Warrior House


Born into a military-oriented Marquis House, my father is the country’s hero. After my mother was killed by burglars, I decided to learn the way of the sword. My goal, to enter the army like my father in order to avoid repeating my mother’s tragedy. Unexpectedly, I had a talent for the sword and became stronger, but……I learned that women can’t enter the army. On top of that, I, who haven’t learned a single thing about the mannerisms of a noble, ended up engaged to a Duke’s House that has produced generation after generation of Prime Ministers…….


Author: 澪亜

Total Number of Chapters: 144 (complete, as of December 2, 2018)

UPDATE (Dec 3, 2017): Author has revamped the series, starting from the beginning and has deleted the former 37 chapters. The new chapters will be translated.

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Chapters 1 and 2 by PoopTL: 1 2


Chapter 1: An Irrational Reality

Chapter 2: A Hero’s Tracks

Chapter 3: A Hero’s Tracks 2

Chapter 4: Training

Chapter 5: My Tracks

Chapter 6: My Tracks 2

Chapter 7: My Tracks 3

Chapter 8: My Tracks 4

Chapter 9: My Tracks 5

Chapter 10: Father’s Lamentation

Chapter 11: Father’s Lamentation 2

Chapter 12: Father’s Lamentation 3

Chapter 13: The Present from Father

Chapter 14: The Thing I’m Bad With

Chapter 15: The Thing I’m Bad With 2

Chapter 16: My First Campaign

Chapter 17: My First Campaign 2

Chapter 18: Father’s Encounter

Chapter 19: Father’s Encounter 2

Chapter 20: My Frustration

Chapter 21: My Frustration 2

Chapter 22: My Frustration 3

Chapter 23: My Frustration 4

Chapter 24: My Resolve

Chapter 25: Senpai’s Question

Chapter 26: Father’s Regret

Chapter 27: My Outburst of Anger

Chapter 28: Older Brother’s Wish

Chapter 29: Tears

Chapter 30: Sending Mother Off

Chapter 31: His Feelings

Chapter 32: My World

Chapter 33: Father’s Tears

Chapter 34: My Oath

Chapter 35: The Little Girl’s Vow

Chapter 36: My Daily Life

Chapter 37: Prime Minister’s Admiration

Chapter 38: Eating with Everyone

Chapter 39: Promise Between Him and I

Chapter 40: Guard Corps’ Visit

Chapter 41: Lunch Party

Chapter 42: My Journey

Chapter 43: Battle Resolve

Chapter 44: Father’s Sprint

Chapter 45: My Dream

Chapter 46: My Mission

Chapter 47: Tension and Victory

Chapter 48: Rendezvous Between Him and I

Chapter 49: The Austerity to Beauty

Chapter 50: The Usual Me

Chapter 51: My Revenge Match

Chapter 52: Father’s Teachings

Chapter 53: Disappointment

Chapter 54: His Query

Chapter 55: Father’s Tears

Chapter 56: The Reality Thrust Before Me By Father

Chapter 57: My Conflict

Chapter 58: Elder Brother’s Wish

Chapter 59: My Marriage Meeting

Chapter 60: My Marriage Meeting 2

Chapter 61: My Training

Chapter 62: Father’s Troubles

Chapter 63: The Contents of My Lesson

Chapter 64: The Rendezvous Between Him and I

Chapter 65: The Beginning of Father and Mother’s Love

Chapter 66: My Training After a Long Time

Chapter 67: Fiance and Father-in-law’s Secret Talk

Chapter 68: My Meeting with My Personal Attendant

Chapter 69My Meeting with My Personal Attendant 2

Chapter 70My Meeting with My Personal Attendant 3

Chapter 71: The Rendezvous Between My Fiance and I

Chapter 72: Father’s Close Questioning

Chapter 73: The Break of Brother and I

Chapter 74: My Farewell with Granny

Chapter 75: Personal Attendant and Master and Guard

Chapter 76Personal Attendant and Master and Guard 2

Chapter 77Personal Attendant and Master and Guard 3

Chapter 78Personal Attendant and Master and Guard 4

Chapter 79: Personal Attendant and Guard and I

Chapter 80: The Newcomer and My Match

Chapter 81: Fiance’s Family and I

Chapter 82: Me and Mother-in-law and High Society Debut

Chapter 83: With My Rival and I

Chapter 84: The Audience with Fiance and I

Chapter 85: Noble’s Observation

Chapter 86: Strategy with Fiance

Chapter 87: Me and the Tea Party

Chapter 88: My Entrance into the Academy

Chapter 89: My Reunion

Chapter 90: The Rendezvous Between Him and I

Chapter 91: With Friend and Prince

Chapter 92: My Close Friend and I

Chapter 93: Prince and I

Chapter 94: The Prime Minister’s Challenge

Chapter 95: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 2

Chapter 96: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 3

Chapter 97: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 4

Chapter 98: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 5

Chapter 99: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 6

Chapter 100: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 7

Chapter 101: The Prime Minister’s Challenge 8

Chapter 102: Quiet Talk – A Guard’s Job

Chapter 103: The Prime Minister’s Laugh

Chapter 104: The Prime Minister’s Battle

Chapter 105: The Prime Minister’s Battle 2

Chapter 106: The Prime Minister’s Battle 3

Chapter 107: The Prime Minister’s Battle 4

Chapter 108: My Long Holiday

Chapter 109: My Determination

Chapter 110: A Scene at the Academy

Chapter 111: Rendezvous Between Him and I

Chapter 112: A Woman’s Battle

Chapter 113: First Act of High Society

Chapter 114: First Act of High Society 2

Chapter 115: The Other Side of High Society

Chapter 116: The Other Side of High Society 2

Chapter 117: A Certain Spy’s Testimony

Chapter 118: A Certain Spy’s Testimony 2

Chapter 119: A Certain Spy’s Desire

Chapter 120: The Prime Minister’s Confusion

Chapter 121: The Prime Minister’s Confusion 2

Chapter 122: Mother’s Condition

Chapter 123: The Prime Minister’s Anguish

Chapter 124: Close Friend’s Love

Chapter 125: Close Friend’s Awakening to Love

Chapter 126: The Prime Minister and General’s Discussion

Chapter 127: Son’s Resolve

Chapter 128: Son’s Farewell

Chapter 129: My Lamentation

Chapter 130: My Lamentation 2

Chapter 131: To the Battlefield

Chapter 132: White Star

Chapter 133: The General’s Battlefield

Chapter 134: To the Place of the Decisive Battle

Chapter 135: Do-or-Die

Chapter 136: Her Tears

Chapter 137: Her Smile

Chapter 138: Father’s Tears

Chapter 139: Enaline’s Apology

Chapter 140: Reunion with Him

Chapter 141: Remembrance Party

Chapter 142: Rendezvous with Him

Chapter 143: Epilogue

Chapter 144: Sequel


Chapter 1: An Irrational Reality

Chapter 2: The Hero’s Tracks

Chapter 3: The Hero’s Tracks 2

Chapter 4: Training

Chapter 5: My Tracks

Chapter 6: My Tracks 2

Chapter 7: Father’s Lamentation

Chapter 8: Father’s Lamentation 2

Chapter 9: Father and Son

Chapter 10: Sword and Pride

Chapter 11: Invitation

Chapter 12: Crimson over Red

Chapter 13: Fear

Chapter 14: The General and Prime Minister

Chapter 15: The General and Prime Minister 2

Chapter 16: Movement

Chapter 17: Father’s Close Friend

Chapter 18: Frustration

Chapter 19: Encounter

Chapter 20: Resolve

Chapter 21: Training

Chapter 22: Father and Senpai

Chapter 23: Red, White and Black

Chapter 24: Elder Brother’s Wish

Chapter 25: Loss

Chapter 26: Parting

Chapter 27: Emotions

Chapter 28: Regret

Chapter 29: Tears

Chapter 30: The Story of a Certain Girl

Chapter 31: Elder Brother’s Scolding

Chapter 32: The Prime Minister’s Doubt

Chapter 33: Growth

Chapter 34: Lunch Party

Chapter 35: Promise

Chapter 36: Game

Chapter 37: Going Out