The Magnificent Battle Records of a Former Noble Lady

Summary (taken from NU)

Syltina was originally a Duke’s daughter.

Sentenced to exile two years ago, she crossed over to the neighboring country and entered its Guild. The current Syltina, who became strong to the extent that even foreign countries knew her name, was summoned by the country which exiled her.

In order to purify the land defiled by monsters, Syltina gets stuck in a journey with a partner who constantly has zero motivation, the girl from the different world who drove her into banishment, the First Prince who was her former fiance, her former brother who is a Knight and a pointlessly shy magician.

This is the story of Syltina slicing off enemies, playing the part of a Straight Man (tsukkomi) and sometimes, the Fool (boke) to her companions.


Author: 猫 (Dream Cat)

Total Number of Chapters: 63 (complete)

Project Status: Whim (updates whenever) – free for pick-up (please contact prior to taking the project)

Chapter 1: Decisive Refusal (Fuwa Fuwa Tales)

Chapter 2: Two Years Ago, When Everything was Lost (Fuwa Fuwa Tales)

Chapter 3: Request Acceptance (Fuwa Fuwa Tales)

Chapter 4: The Name of Those Feelings (Fuwa Fuwa Tales)

Chapter 5: The Repentance of the One who was once a Younger Brother

Chapter 6: Those who cannot be saved

Chapter 7: The Balratona Duke House

Chapter 8: The Girl behind the Curtain

Chapter 9: Miliane Fruktor

Chapter 10: Those Who Start Moving

Chapter 11: Grim Prospects

Chapter 12: On the Boat

Chapter 13: Mountain Bandits

Chapter 14: Those Who Point Their Blades

Chapter 15: The Lives of Strangers

Chapter 16: The One who could not become a Hero

Chapter 17: His Resolve