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KnW Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro

Now that we have finally reached the end of this triple release, I have sad news to tell everyone. As many of you may have noticed and commented, Loli-nee’s blog has been officially shut down. Due to the excessive number of … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~

For this chapter, please thank Ghost-nii and Sakkun for editing, and Leo-tan for proofreading~! Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity ~Arnold’s Rampage~ Frankly speaking, Muir was surprised. She didn’t think that she’d be hearing rumors of that person in such … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 158: It’s Definitely About Him!

It’s been busy lately~nya! We’ve gotten a lot of new members for the Rainbow~ please welcome Ghost-nii, Chucky, Sha-chan, and Vikky~nya! You can read a bit more about them if you’d like on our ‘About’ page at the RT blog … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 141: Real Food, Demon Capital Cuisine!

It’s done, so now I’m posting it! That wasn’t too long of a wait now, was it? Just a few words about the KT chat on my blog…please, try to keep it at least somewhat appropriate. In the end, this … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 140: The Two Heroes’ Treatment

Threats aren’t gonna make me post any faster, you know? Yare yare…kids these days. Rather, that’s one pretty horrific torture method you’ve thought of there, Setsuna-san….it’s almost worthy of having been thought of by Sakkun (lol)… Please thank Cross-nii for … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 139: Hiiro’s Coming-Out

Yoracchi, you’re way too fast! Hah…I guess this is turning out to be a pretty good Monday for a lot of readers today. Chapter 141 is still in editing, so this unfortunately won’t be a triple release. Please be patient, … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle

…….you know, I do see when the other translators make their posts? Just saying. So I’ll make my posts within 24 hours even if you don’t remind me….If I haven’t made the post within an hour of someone else posting … Continue reading

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KnW Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes

Hai, hai, I know, I know. 131 has been released. Which means 132 should now be released. I did say I’d do it within 24 hours. So here it is! For this chapter, once again, please thank Cross-nii-sama for both editing … Continue reading

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