KnW Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro

Now that we have finally reached the end of this triple release, I have sad news to tell everyone. As many of you may have noticed and commented, Loli-nee’s blog has been officially shut down. Due to the excessive number of lolis on the site, Loli-nee was apprehended. Luckily, however, she has managed to escape and is now on the run. She will not be opening up a new blog in the near future. In addition, as she is currently on the run, she will not be translating any more chapters of KnW. Please wish her luck as she escapes from her chasers.

This chapter, please thank Ghost-nii for editing and Leo-tan for proofreading!

Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro

“There’s no way I could possibly forget. Say, Mimir, since then, have you met with the『Spirit』at all?” (Leowald)
“Eh……..I-I haven’t but……..” (Mimir)

Mimir stole a couple glances at Arnold, giving off a feeling of restlessness. As Hiiro had asked her to be quiet about it, she had told them that she had been healed by a 『Spirit』 at that time.

“About that 『Spirit』, please try to properly recall it. What did it look like? And what did it say to Mimir-sama?!” (Arnold)
“Fu-fumu.” (Leowald)

Although he was confused because of Arnold, who appeared a little excited, Leowald recounted the details of the『Spirit』’s appearance that he had heard from Mimir before.

“If I remember correctly……he wore glasses, and had a red robe……hm?” (Leowald)
“Do you see now?” (Arnold)
“………w-wait a moment.” (Leowald)

Leowald looked at the grinning Arnold, confirming that the conclusion he had just thought of was true. Then, he turned his gaze towards Mimir.

“Mimir, please answer honestly.” (Leowald)
“Umm…..” (Mimir)

After seeing Mimir’s flustered-looking face, Muir became nervous, as she didn’t know what to do.

“The one who healed you was not a 『Spirit』………was it?” (Leowald)
“…………….” (Mimir)

She kept quiet as she continued to stare at Leowald. It seemed that she kept her mouth closed in order to protect her promise with Hiiro. Arnold opened his mouth in an attempt to help her out.

“Mimir-sama was ordered by Hiiro to keep quiet. That was her promise with Hiiro and it is also a bond that Mimir-sama has been treasuring greatly. That is why she cannot possibly break that promise herself. Therefore, Leowald-sama, I will tell you the truth myself.” (Arnold)
“…….hou.” (Leowald)
“As you may have guessed, the one who restored Mimir-sama’s voice was Hiiro. Rather, I feel that the only one capable of doing that is Hiiro.” (Arnold)
“O-Ojisan! Is it really alright to say that?!” (Muir)

Unable to endure it anymore, Muir involuntarily yelled. However, Arnold shook his head.

“It’s fine already. He clearly isn’t trying to hide his magic anymore. It’s also sad for Mimir-sama if she has to keep the truth from her family forever, after all.” (Arnold)
“Ah……” (Muir)

After realizing that Arnold was not simply rampaging, but also thinking about Mimir’s circumstances, Muir’s chest became warm.

“Well, honestly speaking, I figured that with this, that guy will get mixed up in some sort of trouble.” (Arnold)

The warm feeling in Muir’s chest chilled at light-speed.

“O-Ojisan……” (Muir)

Seeing her half-closed eyes glaring at him, Arnold began to spout out excuses.

“N-No, in the first place, it’s entirely his fault! He’s always, always, way too self-centred! His reason for participating in this war is probably because of that, you know? I’m pretty sure that it’s because【Xaos】has some delicious food or rare books, right?” (Arnold)
“Uu…….” (Muir)

She couldn’t deny it. Rather, Muir herself also thought that was the case. He was not the sort of heroic person who would move based on a sense of justice. He truly was a person who was faithful to his own desires after all.

However, if it was for the sake of some food or book he was fascinated with; Hiiro would calmly go to dangerous locations or perform some dangerous actions. He would easily bet his own life in these situations for trivial reasons that other people would be completely unable to understand.

Leowald seemed to find the exchange between Arnold and Muir rather interesting, as he heartily laughed with a “Gahaha!”

“That youngster Hiiro must be quite the eccentric individual! You know him too, right Rara?” (Leowald)
“Yeah, he’s an extremely interesting guy.” (Rarashik)
“Hohou, for you to say that much…..umu. Mimir, come here.” (Leowald)

Mimir gave a small twitch. Most likely, rather than choosing to remain silent up until now, she was afraid that she’d be scolded for lying.

Leowald picked her up with his large arms and sat her down on his lap as he pat her head.

“I’m sorry.” (Leowald)
“Eh? O-Otou-sama?” (Mimir)

She was surprised as she suddenly received her father’s apology.

“I forcibly asked without taking your feelings into account. That’s right, to you, he’s your benefactor. No, he’s your great benefactor. You couldn’t possibly break a promise you made to someone like that.” (Leowald)
“Otou-sama…….” (Mimir)
“However, there’s no need to worry anymore. Arnold said this as well, but it seems that your great benefactor is not trying to hide his power anymore. It must have been tough being unable to tell your family the truth up until now.” (Leowald)
“Uu……..I-I’m…….very……..sorry……” (Mimir)

Mimir buried her head into Leowald’s chest and lightly cried. Leowald gently stroked her head; everyone stayed silent until she finished crying.

(Isn’t that great, Mimir-chan?) (Muir)

Muir also watched over the two of them warmly. For a short while, she had been worried, but it seemed that Arnold’s actions had led to a good turn of events. However, it was also possible that they would have led to a series of bad events.

(That’s why, no meals for Ojisan today!) (Muir)

When she glared at Arnold while thinking that, he let out a small scream and went “Hii!”, as he brought his hands together in apology towards Muir. It seemed that he was aware that he had gone a little too out of control.

“Umu, but still, this is quite the problem.” (Leowald)

At Leowald’s sudden murmur, Rarashik asked,

“What’s wrong?” (Rarashik)
“It’s just, you know, we said it before too, but right now that youngster is on the『Evila』’s side.” (Leowald)

Everyone gasped in realization. Indeed, Hiiro was currently standing as an enemy of the beastmen.

“To think that he would be Arnold’s friend and Mimir’s great benefactor…….muu.” (Leowald)

As nobody knew what would be the best thing to say in this situation, they all remained silent.

(That’s right……..right now we’re at war with the Demon Continent that Hiiro-san is in…….) (Muir)

Just as Muir started to become uneasy, her eyes suddenly met with Mimir’s. Mimir too seemed to have had an epiphany as her face became dyed with anxiety.

As they did so, Leowald suddenly clapped his hands together.

“Ooh, if that’s the case, then isn’t it simple?!” (Leowald)

Everyone gave a blank look as they turned their eyes towards him.

“Let’s have that youngster participate in the upcoming duel! No, someone possessing that degree of power will definitely be made to participate. And once we win, we’ll take him!” (Leowald)
“…….duel? What do you mean by duel?” (Rarashik)
“Ohh, now that I think of it, Rara, I still haven’t told you about that yet. For now, why don’t you read this letter?” (Leowald)

After saying that, Leowald took out the letter sent to him by the Maou Eveam from his bosom. Rather than proposing a large-scale battle, its contents suggested that they decide the outcome of the war by having each countries’ strongest members fight each other in a duel.

Taking the paper, Rarashik scanned over its contents. Then-

“……..haha, nahahahahaha! What a foolish Maou! Nahahahaha!” (Rarashik)
“Right? But it’s quite interesting and really is a likeable way of thinking.” (Leowald)
“So it seems. Kukuku.” (Rarashik)

Unable to understand the reason for their laughter, Arnold asked about it and Rarashik explained the contents of the letter.

Both Muir and Arnold were surprised at the contents as feelings of shock ran through them.

(Somehow, it might be my imagination, but this duel……I wonder why it feels like it’s one of Hiiro-san’s ideas……?) (Muir) (TL note: Best waifu right here. ED: She knows her man like the back of her little hand.)

In truth, Eveam really had used Hiiro’s idea. As expected of Muir’s intuition.

“So how about it, Rara?” (Leowald)
“No, I understand without you telling me. You want me to participate in this duel, right?” (Rarashik)
“Exactly. If it’s this kind of interesting battle, I figured that you’d also want to try participating.” (Leowald)
“That’s true…….I’m interested. I want to see the Maou who’d propose this kind of foolish idea with my own eyes, but above all……” (Rarashik)

She turned her gaze towards Muir and Arnold.

“I want to try meeting with that brat one more time.” (Rarashik)
“In that case-“ (Leowald)
“Yeah, I’ll participate, but only if you accept my conditions.” (Rarashik)
“……conditions? Name them.” (Leowald)
“It’s alright, it’s pretty simple. These two…….” (Rarashik)

Naturally, she was talking about Muir and Arnold.

“If you let Arnold and Muir participate as well, then I’ll take up your offer.” (Rarashik)

For a short while, silence reigned over the surroundings. And then-

“ “EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” ” (Arnold and Muir)

The two of them released a tremendous scream.


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