AkaHoshi Chapter 1

It’s nice to finally have some free time to translate~

For now, releases should be around every Tuesday if I can manage it. I’ve still got classes and such for the next month and a bit, so I can’t make any promises though.

With that said, please enjoy the chapter!

The Different World With the Red Star: Chapter 1

The light receded. And slowly, I started to see the surrounding scenery.

The first thing I saw was a paved road which seemed to continue endlessly.

And then, the blue sky.

Behind me, a vast forest spread out.

“Nice to meet you, Other World!”

Suddenly extending my hands, I fully enjoyed the air of the different world.

Amazing, I seriously came here.

This’s some scenery that’s unthinkable in modern day Japan. The road which seemed to be going beyond the horizon was something that you can’t even see these days in Europe.

But you know……which way would there be a town?

If I could see it extending over the horizon, then doesn’t that mean that no matter how far I go, there won’t be a town?

“Haha…..am I already in a pinch?”

I could hunt animals to live, but me? Killing them seems like it’d be easy, but it’d probably be draining.

The current problem was: as I thought, should I walk in the opposite direction from the horizon? Although the opposite direction has a pretty thick looking forest……now that I think of it, what’s going on with the moon? I was transferred when the red moon overlapped with the normal moon, right? I wonder if you can see two moons in this world.

As it bothered me, I immediately checked. I instantly looked high up into the sky.

“I see. So it appears in the reverse.”

Even though earlier, the red moon was covering the regular moon, right now the regular moon was masking a part of the red moon.

However, the normal moon’s coloring was paler. Part of the red moon could be seen through the regular moon.

Rather, even though it’s the afternoon, I can clearly see the moon. There were times when I could see the moon during the afternoon on Earth, but I couldn’t see it this distinctly. Could it be that the moon itself is shining?

Since it’s another world after all, it wouldn’t be strange if the moon’s movements or the structure of space were to be different.

In any case, to be able to see the regular moon, I guess it means I still have a connection to Earth. Is that okay?

I came to this world because my power could destroy Earth, right? That being the case, I feel like my connection to it should be completely severed…

“Well, I suppose I’ll just leave that sort of stuff to God.”

And, just as I was saying that, I heard a noise approaching. This rattling-like noise was clearly the sound of a horse carriage.

In this place with nothing around, the man-made sound rang out audibly. Although it seems like they’re going at quite the speed. I began to walk towards the source of the sound.

It seemed that the sound was approaching, as began to get louder and louder. And together with it, the voices of dangerous-sounding men could be heard.

They were saying things like “Get ‘em!” or “Catch them!” and “Take them alive!”.

This is completely a bandit flag, isn’t it?

I wasn’t sure whether I was lucky or unlucky.

Gradually, I began to see the cloud of dust being kicked up by the horse and carriage.

“Oh, it’s a girl, huh.”

It’s decided that I’ll be saving them.

Desperately grasping onto the carriage’s reins was a girl that appeared to be younger than me. As her face was hidden, I wasn’t sure, but her silky, light blue hair was fluttering in the wind. Based on what I could see, I could predict that she’d be a pretty cute girl.

And chasing her from behind on horse were a group of dangerous-looking men.

In their hands were worn-out swords, so them being bandits was decided. That being the case, there was only one thing left to do.

“Children are people that should be protected after all.”

I began running towards the carriage. Gradually increasing my speed, I hit the max just as I passed the carriage.

That speed was higher than the horse’s.

Running 100 metres in 7 seconds would easily set a whole new world record.

The moment I passed the carriage, I feel like I exchanged gazes with the girl, but I ignored it for now.

Like that, I gave a flying kick at the man taking the lead in front of the bandits.

“Hahaha! How pathetic for adults to be attacking children!”

The man was blown from the horse and crashed to the ground, after which he didn’t even make the slightest twitch.

His body got caught by his comrades as they rode at full speed on horseback, striking it with a force greater than that of a head-on collision. The man’s bones were probably broken, as it was a force where it’d only be natural for his internal organs to be crushed.

“Alright, next!”

I continued my attack on the bandits, who were unable to comprehend what exactly was happening due to the suddenness of the incident.

I don’t have a weapon, but as long as I have my fists, it should be enough. They can destroy a truck after all. A human’s firmness ain’t a match at all!


Using all my strength, I punched a horse whose speed had dropped out of surprise. Just from that, the horse burst open.

“Seriously, this is gross……”

Murmuring, I swung my hand to remove the horse blood that clung to it tightly.

However, I didn’t feel particularly sick from the unpleasant feeling.

This might be due to that effect from the remains of my previous life’s spirit.

As one might expect, I had never even killed people on Earth (the victims from the truck excluded), so I was a little worried about the negative effects of suddenly killing people in this world, but it seemed to be alright. Well, right now I have a clear target that I need to protect, after all.

Watching the bandits which surrounded me, I glanced at the carriage which had stopped a ways ahead.

I wonder why they stopped. Even though this was supposed to be their chance to get away……

“Haa……I’ll have to annihilate them.”

If the carriage had just run away like that, then I would’ve had the choice just drawing the bandits away and doing whatever. At this distance, if I ran away, then they’ll be chased. Were they newbies?

“You bastard! The hell are you doing so suddenly!”
“Me? I’m an ally of children!”

Children are treasures. That’s grandma’s favourite phrase.

“Don’t screw with me!”

One of the bandits went mad with anger, having had his fellows killed, and came attacking. Though it could’ve been cause I got in the way of their fun.

Matching the timing with which he swung down his sword, I kicked. Just from that, the sword broke right in half.

Rusted swords are fragile, huh. I thought it be a bit harder than that.

At the mysterious phenomena that occurred in front of his eyes, the bandit’s thought process stopped. Using that gap, I used the leg that broke the sword to send the man flying with a kick.

“Haha. Amazing, people fly horizontally.”

After flying horizontally for about 10 metres, the bandit collapsed to the ground, skidding to a stop.

Since this happened when I was holding back, I came to understand just how disconnected with common sense I was. With this, it’s no wonder why God recommended transferring to another world.

“Come on, who’s next? I’ll send you all flying in order.”

I provoked the bandits, who had begun to draw back in fear of the disastrous spectacle their comrades had become. Rather, why can they understand my words? Is it cause of God’s support? Well, I suppose it better that they understand.

As I was thinking that, I dodged the blades of the bandits that came swinging towards me one after another, and then sent them all flying with kicks. Because it seemed like they’d end up like that horse if I punched them.

“With this, it’s finished, huh. That didn’t take as much time as I thought it would~”

The group of fallen bandits were scattered by the roadside. There were about 20 of them. For this large of a crowd to attack them, just how important was this carriage? Or did they just do it to kill time?

I began to walk towards the horse carriage that had stopped since I had started fighting.

As I did so, the young girl from earlier descended from the carriage.

“Oh, you alright?”
“Um, that’s……ah.”

Just as she tried to say something, she tripped.

“Woah there, you okay?”

I quickly caught her and kept my balance. At that moment, the cloth hiding her face came off. As I thought, she’s super cute.

Big eyes and a well-ordered face. Rather than calling her a beauty, the impression of her being cute was much stronger.


The instant I caught her, tears began to overflow from the girl’s eyes. What is it? Did she hit something?

“Wai-, are you really alright?”

Those words set off an onset of tears as the girl began to cry loudly.




“Have you calmed down?”
“I’m sorry, I have caused you some trouble.”

I waited for the girl’s tears to stop before calling out to her. It’s a man’s job to lend his chest at times like these!

Though I didn’t think I’d encounter this sort of scene so abruptly after coming to this world……

With red-rimmed eyes, the girl appeared to have calmed down as she spoke.

“I’m sorry. As soon as I felt at ease, I remembered about my father.”
“Your father?”

Nobody else had been riding the carriage. Perhaps they got separated somewhere?

“When we were first attacked by bandits, he said that he’d act as a decoy, and got off the carriage to fight them. At that time, I ran away. He lured away over 30 bandits, so he’s probably already……”
“I see, I asked something bad.”
“No, as a merchant, it’s something that’s bound to happen eventually after all.”

As if to show that she could overcome it, the girl made a smile. What a strong child. Normally, you wouldn’t be able to laugh like that.

Nevertheless, earlier there were only around 20 bandits. Yet earlier, 30 people were drawn away by her father’s plan, meaning that there were at least 50 bandits as a whole, right? There was such a large group of bandits? What a dangerous world.

“Um, and you are?”
“Hm? Me?”
“From what I can see, you don’t have any travel tools. And I don’t quite understand what one would be doing in a place like this all alone.”

Unexpectedly, she said it quite directly. Well, I do think that there’s a problem with me having come to a different world without making any preparations whatsoever, but I didn’t think that I’d be abandoned in a place with nothing around like this. God said he’d make preparations, so I had completely thought that he’d transfer me close to a town.

“Well, put my circumstances aside for a bit. More importantly, is there a town nearby?”

It’d be fine to tell her that I’m from a different world, but it’s troublesome to explain, so I’ll pass.

“You forcibly changed the subject, huh…..well, that’s fine, but at least tell me your name. I am called Fiina.”
“My name’s Urushi Touka. I’m 16.”
“Older than me……”
“Eh? Do I look that small to you?”

It’s true that I’m a bit short, but I’m taller than Fiina, you know?

“I’m not sure how to say it, but whether it’s your way of laughing or your behaviour, those parts seemed a bit child-like.”

It’s probably cause I’ve pretty much lived however I wanted. I might not have that sort of calm demeanor. Though I don’t intend on changing that!

“And about the nearby towns, about one day away there’s a town called Kikuri.”
“One day, huh. Is that one day travelling by carriage?”
“Yes, walking, it should take around 3 days, I believe?

Well, for me it should be just 1 day. But both walking and running are tiresome.

“I will also be going there, so if it’s okay with you, would you like to ride with me?”
“If you’d be willing to act as my guard.”

Watching the battle from just now, it’s certainly natural for her to want me as a guard. Well, if it’s just that, then it’s fine. It can be my transport fare.

“Understood, then best regards until Kikuri.”
“Yes, I look forward to working with you.”

My first day in the different world. Somehow, it seems that I’ll be able to go to a town with people in it. That’s right, during this one day, I should ask about this world’s common sense. Since I’ll have to think of ways to earn money after all. I wonder if there’s something like an employment office?

Translator Comments:

Hai, there’re some things that I’d end up spoiling if I wrote them before the chapter, so I’ll be noting them down here, together with some other comments on the translation.

First off, whenever I refer to the “alternate world” or “other world”, etc. I’m referring to the term “isekai” (異世界). The same for “otherworlder” (異世界人). I just wanted readers to note that down, cause it seems like those terms are going to be used quite a bit in the future.

Second, I wanted to ask readers what gender they think the main character is? Everything is written from the MC’s POV, so it’s honestly quite difficult to tell – I’m not entirely sure yet myself. The reason being that the MC refers to him/herself as “ore” (俺), which is a term normally used by guys. That said, it’s not like females that act like guys don’t use it either (think Haruhi from Ouran High School Host Club). The MC’s name is “Touka”. No matter how I look at it, that’s a girl’s name. But at the same time, the MC mention things like “it being a man’s job to lend his chest when a girl is crying”.  So is the MC a guy or a girl? I’ll leave it to the readers to discuss that. Though please be polite when discussing – I won’t be happy if a flaming war starts because of conflicting opinions.


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