CSWH Chapter 6

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CSWH Chapter 6: My Tracks 2

It may have been because I would run around the estate grounds, but my base strength was quite good for my age. Perhaps because I played in the untouched woods behind the mansion, obstacles also did not pose a problem.

And perhaps because I would chase after wild animals, my kinetic vision was also good.

In the beginning, I simply continued to do nothing but repeat the forms that father had taught me.

Even I think that I went at it with a bloodcurdling vigour.

After all, I was a girl that had just barely passed the age of 5, who didn’t play, but instead continued to practice my sword swings from morning until nighttime.

Following that, I began to have practice matches with my older brother.

Though I call them practice matches, those light exchange of blows were cute compared to now.

However, in order for my body to become familiar with those movements, I couldn’t ask for any less.

After that were one-on-one spars with father.

While I’m sure that father was holding back, from my viewpoint, he was capable of throwing in blows mercilessly.

Every day brought new cuts and bruises, but even so, every day I continued to receive more from father.

Eventually, I managed to grasp the breathing technique.

And then, my efforts brought forth the trick to fighting against those I would lose to.

Father’s sword was a strong sword that emphasized strength.

To counter that, I polished my ability to parry power, and learned a fighting method which utilized my opponent’s strength.

And then I obtained it. My very own sword technique.

While you could say that he was holding back, I became able to win one out of every five matches against father. After that, I threw myself into the training of the Military.

Though I say it was the Military, it was actually a gathering of father’s subordinates and those father asked to teach me.

Originally, he said his body would grow dull otherwise, so both the mansion in the Anderson territory and the mansion in the capital were furnished with an arena in order for him to train even on rest days.

However, it ended up being that almost every day, the people from the military would train together with father there.

In the beginning, all of the surrounding people who were one or two times my size would make light of the small me. But, every time I racked up a win, it began to change to recognition from the surroundings.

While they had let down their guard somehow, I personally was honestly a little surprised.

Compared to father, their speed and power were lacking.

Thus, I was able to continue winning.

Of course, as they began to lose their negligence, I wasn’t quite able to win anymore.

And now, after one year, I have become invincible in mock battles like this.

…….however, it’s still not enough.

Even father lost his most beloved person.

Just how strong does one have to be, in order to overcome the irrationalness of reality?

Most importantly, I still lack true combat experience.

Like this, I wonder if I’ll be able to take down my enemies.

It is said that when mother was killed, all of the guards were annihilated.

Will my current level of power truly be capable of taking down my enemies?

That’s why, today too, I train.

So that I can fight at any time, even if I am still unable to see my own goal.

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