TMBRFNL Chapter 7

Run-on sentences are run-on. But it’s kinda hard to split them sometimes so…oh well! If you haven’t noticed already, I’m following the names that Fuwa Fuwa Tales used in their TL. Partly for consistency, partly cause I’m lazy in translating names. There are a few new names this time, so I’ve tried my best to make them as……’normal’ as possible?

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

TMBRFNL Chapter 7: The Balratona Duke House

The Balratona Duke house was a 20 minute carriage ride from the castle.




“Are you alright, Syltina-sama?”


Tedla called out to Syltina, who was simply standing expressionlessly while holding the black cat Kuro in front of the mansion.


“I’m fine. Let’s go.”




On the other side of the door as it opened, was a row of servants lined up.


“ “ “Welcome home, Tedla-sama.” ” ”


“Ahh, I’m back.”


After hearing Tedla’s reply, the servants raised their heads and stopped moving. Because they saw Syltina’s figure standing next to Tedla.


“I’m sure everyone has already heard. This is Syltina-sama, who will be acting as the Saintess’ guard during her purification journey. Until they set off, our house will be looking after her. Make sure not to be careless.”


“Ah, um……”


Even after receiving Tedla’s explanation, the servants still had bewildered expressions as they looked at the two of them.


Of course, they had heard that Syltina would be staying at the Balratona Duke House that they served at as the Saintess’ guard who would be travelling with her. They understood that, up until 2 years ago, she had been the eldest daughter of this Ducal house, and was the rumored “Syltina-sama”.

However, upon seeing the person herself, they received a shock. Because she had simply changed so much from the Syltina-sama that they had known……

She, who used to wear gorgeous dresses, was now clad in simple clothes that emphasized ease of movement, and at her waist was a sword. Her long hair that had a fine texture was now cut short, and it no longer had its former radiance. Those hands that once wove beautiful embroidery, had become rough, and were adorned with sword calluses. The very fact that she was no longer the Syltina-sama of the past (Ojou-sama), was thrust before their eyes.


Should they voice words of delight at the return of their master, or should they voice words appropriate for receiving guests? Within their confusion, they had simply lost the ability to voice any words at all.


“Starting today for 3 days, I will be under the care of the Balratona Duke House. You may call me Syltina.”


In place of the servants who ceased to speak, Syltina opened her mouth.


Apart from being rather cold, her voice projected well. That was……that alone, was something belonging to the Syltina-sama that they knew well.


“It has been a while, Syltina-sama.”


From within the gathering of servants, a middle-aged man walked forward. It was the Head Butler Harginal.


“If there are any inconveniences during your stay, please instruct us. I will assign a few maids for your use. If there are any errands you need done, then they may-“


“No. I do not need maids. I can things by myself.   I will also be taking my meals outside, so please, do not mind me.”


“However, would that not be rather inconvenient?”


“It is not inconvenient. I must apologize, but I can only leave people that I can trust by my side.”


It was a definite refusal. She was saying that she could not trust the people of this house.


“… that so. Then, allow me to guide you to your room. This way.”


At Syltina’s words, the corners of Harginal’s eyes lowered sadly as he began to walk in order to guide her. As Syltina attempted to follow after him, Tedla grabbed her arm.


“Syltina-sama, I apologize, but we cannot allow cats into our home. Because mother has an allergy to them.”


“……that’s…right. Kuro.”


Though it was for but a moment, Syltina’s eyes narrowed at Tedla’s words in nostalgia as she called out to the black cat held within her arms. Understanding her meaning, the black cat jumped out from her arms.

The instant its front legs touched the ground, the black cat’s figure flashed, changing into a tall young man. His long black hair loosely hung along his back, and within the same golden eyes that he had as a cat dwelled a sharp light.




Unable to understand what had just happened before their eyes, Tedla and the servants made dumbfounded expressions, as their thoughts were unable to catch up with the current situation. Turning around and looking over them, the one who had been a black cat laughed scornfully at their incredibly foolish appearances.


“Look, Sylti. Humans can make such idiotic faces.”


Laughing enjoyably, the young man approached Tedla.


“Balratona Duke House’s second son, am I a black cat that cannot be allowed into the residence?”


“……n-no. Just what are you…….”


At the question from the youth locking eyes with him from above, Tedla’s voice shook as he somehow managed to reply.


“He is my familiar.”


“Indeed. I obey her will, and move for her sake alone. Her familiar. I am called ‘Kuroitsu’.”




“What, does this country not even have familiars?”


“There isn’t any magic for summoning familiars. I too, didn’t know of it until I entered the Guild for the first time.”


“I see. So that means that even amongst the frail humans, they are even frailer existences.”


“They’re just bad at magic. More importantly, properly explain it to Tedla-sama.”


“The existence known as a ‘familiar’ is one who makes a covenant with the one who summons them.”


“A covenant?”


“The summoner’s ‘wish’ and the summoned beings ‘wish’. In order to fulfill each of their respective ‘wishes’, they collaborate together. If I were to put it simply.”


“Syltina-sama also made a wish to him?”


“To reveal the contents of the covenant exchanged between the familiar and their master to others is a violation of the pact. Our “wishes” belong to us alone.”


“……is that so. Um, he isn’t human, right?”


“Yes. He is…they are inhabitants of a different world from ours. In Luran Kingdom, they are called ‘Mazoku’(1).”




“Now then, may we end the conversation there?”


As if to say he had lost interest in the subject, Kuroitsu let out a yawn. The servants, who had become absentminded at the many sudden events that had happened all at once, finally began to move. To continue doing their work without becoming perturbed no matter what happens in front of their eyes is the motto of the Balratona Duke House’s servants. That precisely why right now they could not simply remain frozen due to their surprise. As if the disturbance up until now had been a lie, the servants began moving briskly. Tedla, as well as Harginal too, began to move.


“I shall guide you to your room.”


This time, Syltina, Tedla and Kuroitsu too, silently followed as Harginal began to walk once more.




“Syltina, she……”


“Again, has become quite……”








Because Tedla absolutely insisted, Syltina decided to just have dinner with the members of the Balratona Duke family. When they gathered, Syltina simply thought from the bottom of her heart that each of their respective reactions was a pain in the ass.


“Starting from today, I will be in your care for a few days. My name is Syltina. Please take care of me.”


As the rest of them weren’t moving, as one might expect, Syltina was the first one to talk.


“Ah, yeah. Take it easy……incidentally..”


The head of the Balratona Duke House, the one who was Syltina’s father, Gared Balratona, glanced at the sword hanging from Syltina’s waist.


“Please forgive me for wearing my sword during a mealtime. However, no matter what sort of place it is, to let this go would be the same as exposing my life to the threat of death. So I would ask that you please, have mercy.”


Having realized Gared’s thoughts, Syltina spoke thus while lowering her head.


“It is fine. I was just a little curious. And, who might that person over there be?”


After pardoning Syltina with her lowered head, Gared next sent his gaze towards Kuroitsu, who was following behind her.


“I was delayed in his introduction. This is Kuroitsu. One who lives together with me.”


“Is he something like your attendant?”


“No. We do not have such a weak connection. It is a much more profound, and deep link……but, hmm. If it’s in the words of this country, then ‘attendant’ may be appropriate.”




The one who reacted to the word “attendant”, was the one who was once Syltina’s attendant, Eugene.


“Can you trust him?”


“……more than you, at the very least.”




At Eugene’s question, Syltina’s eyes narrowed slightly as she responded in a simple tone. Eugene wasn’t the only one to inhale sharply at her answer. In contrast to Eugene, who candidly revealed his surprise, this person was quiet, but his expression certainly froze over. He was the eldest son of the Balratona Duke House, and was once Syltina’s elder brother. Zeld Balratona’s body shook in agitation as he took a deep breath in attempt to calm his heart.


“Syl, you don’t intend on returning?”


“Just where am I supposed to return to?”


“Where, you say……”


“The place that I now return to, is the place where Kuroitsu and Alhart are. I don’t need anywhere else, and I have no intention of returning to the ones who once cast me away.”


“……you won’t even let us atone for it?”


“I do not want it.”


“……then, why have you come back to this country?”


“Though I want to answer that it was because of the Royal Order, all of you heard my conversation with the King during the audience with him, didn’t you.”


Syltina had said that even if it were a Royal order, she had no intention of listening to it. As the next Prime Minister, he had been there and heard those words. It was for this reason that Zeld asked his question.

Why was it that she had decided to set foot into this country that had done nothing but cause her to suffer? Just what sort of intentions did she have in doing so?


“I simply wanted to show everyone.”


“Show? Show what?”


“That the Syltina Balratona (former noble lady) that you all cast away 2 years ago, now holds enough power that she can refuse a Royal Order of her own will. That Syltina has now become one of the strong.”


“You’re arrogant enough to tout yourself as one of the strong?”


“It is not arrogance. If Kuro and Al and I were seriously trying to capture this country, we could take down this capital city alone in 3 days. If we only aim at the royalty and important nobles, then it would probably take less time. For example, if Kuro and I wanted to take your heads right now..”


With a clang, Syltina flipped a coin up into the air.

The moment that the attention of everyone other than Syltina and Kuro turned towards that coin, a hurricane blasted through the inside of the room.


“See, everything would be over in an instant like this.”


“ “ “ “ “!?” ” ” ” ”


Both Tedla and Eugene had their movements sealed by wind magic, as Syltina thrust a knife to the base of Zeld’s neck. Gared and his wife also had blades placed on their throats by Kuroitsu.


“Do you understand?”




After Zeld nodded, Syltina quickly withdrew, and Kuroitsu returned to her side as if nothing had happened. Before they realized it, the magic cast on Tedla and Eugene had also come undone.


“See? I’m different compared to 2 years ago, right?”


As she said that and laughed, Syltina smiled. However, it certainly was her smile.






“……what business do you have with me, your Grace?”


After dinner, Syltina was called to a stop as she was trying to return to the room she was given by the one who was once her father, the head of the Balratona Duke House, Gared Balratona.


“Do you really intend on going on the Saintess’ journey with her?”


“Yes. Since I accepted the request, I intend on doing so.”




“Do not worry. Everything will advance without delay. Though there may be some slips, whether it be my heart or what I must do, nothing will change.”


“……I see.”


Quietly, Gared let out a breath.


2 years ago, this country’s people certainly committed a mistake. However, that was something that started even before 2 years ago. Ever since that girl from another world, who was now called the Saintess, had come, it had already started. Because they were the beginning. They were wrong the moment they positioned themselves on the starting line.


That precisely was why, she was…………


“What do you plan to do about Zeld and Tedla?”


“I will leave them to you. To me, they are no longer existence worthy of being called brothers.”


“You really don’t intend on forgiving them, huh.”


“……it has nothing to do with forgiveness. Even if I was able to predict that things would turn out like this, I made a bet. I believed. I hoped that ‘this wouldn’t happen’. However, the result is as you can see. I lost the bet, and was betrayed by those that I believed in. It has nothing to do with forgiveness. I already cannot believe in the people of this country. Other than those who believed in me 2 years ago and moved for me, I detest this country to the point that I don’t care what happens to it.”


“……I see.”


“If you wish to forgive them, then I do not plan on raising any objections. Please do as you will. However, I do not plan on doing anything for their sake.”


At this point in time, there were hardly any people of this country included amongst her ‘important people’. For her, who had thought about this country more than anybody else, to say this much, showed just how far the people of this country had fallen.

Even without the monsters or taint, this country was destined to fall to ruin, is what Gared thought as he saw off the one who was once his daughter, who had already turned her back to him and begun walking off.

Translator Notes:

  1. ^Mazoku = demon race. Decided to keep it as ‘Mazoku’ for now in case ‘demons’ end up showing up later on the story.
  2. ^She says ‘Duke-sama’ here. Changed to ‘Your Grace’ courtesy of Hartesya!

Translator Comments:

Nyahahaha! She sure showed them~ :3

I can’t help but feel a little satisfied seeing their reactions to the ‘new’ Syltina. I wonder why?

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