KnW Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness

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For this chapter, please thank Uni-chan (Dal) and Leo-tan for editing and Loli-nee for proofreading!

Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness

Although Hiiro, who was imprisoned by Crouch’s《Shadow Prison》, was surprised at the tentacle that had suddenly appeared from the shadows, after being dragged into the shadows, he was relatively calm.

(I can’t breathe……huh. On the other hand…..) (Hiiro)

His eyes were gradually adjusting enough to see the figures of gigantic wriggling shadows in the surroundings.

(…..I won’t be able to hold my breath long enough to face them…….huh?) (Hiiro)

Judging from their appearances, they seemed to be monsters of considerably high level. Not only that, but there were 5 of them. Amongst them, the one that appeared to be the most dangerous was an enormous creature hiding in the innermost area.

In reality, Hiiro figured that if he used his 《Word Magic》, and had the time to go one-on-one with them, he could defeat them. However, the current situation where he had to face five at once while being unable to breath was honestly rather severe.

Hiiro glanced at his surroundings again. The area was big enough that he couldn’t see the end of it. Hiiro nodded in understanding as he realized that this was how Crouch had been able to collect a large number of monsters. In addition, he came to understand why they could only use zombified bodies alone.

It was thanks to the fact that they did not breathe, as normal living creatures would be unable to stay in this space for very long.

(There doesn’t seem to be an exit but…….) (Hiiro)

Hiiro kept his distance from the monsters that were gradually approaching him as his face relaxed.

(He was most likely planning to lock me in here and suffocate me to death) (Hiiro)

A bluish-white light trail appeared within the darkness as he swiftly moved his finger.

[Escape] / 『脱出』

In reaction to that light, the monsters started to grow hostile as the atmosphere rippled with the monster’s roars.

(Like I could fight in such a troublesome place) (Hiiro)

The moment the word activated, he saw a ring of light in the air just above him. Hiiro sensed that it meant he could exit by passing through the ring.

By the time the monsters were aware of him and finally began approaching, they were already too late. Hiiro tightly grasped his katana and thrust it through the ring of light.

“Hiiro!?” (Eveam)

Although Eveam had raised her voice, Hiiro felt that he had to do something about the enemy who was kneeling in front of him while clutching his chest, rather than answering her.

When Hiiro escaped, Crouch should have received a considerable amount of damage from the katana piercing through him. Even so, Crouch’s fighting spirit did not dull one bit.

“Ku…………nya?” (Crouch)

Crouch had absolute confidence in his 《Shadow Prison》, so it would only be natural for him to be bothered by the fact that Hiiro had escaped from it. More so, in such a short amount of time.

“I am not obligated to answer. Hurry up and fall over!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro brandished his katana and swung at Crouch. When suddenly, the shadow beneath his feet swelled up and protected the Black Panther from the katana.

“……..shadows again, huh” (Hiiro)

Hiiro felt the current sensation was similar to when he had exchanged blows with Crouch earlier. Then, Hiiro leapt backwards to make some distance and gazed at the swirling shadows, observing them.

“I see, I thought that you were taking on my katana with your bare hands, but you………were covered in those shadows, weren’t you?” (Hiiro)

As he said this, the corners of the kneeling Crouch’s mouth rose up into a grin. Then, the shadows began to concentrate on Crouch’s wounds as if they were being sucked in.

“Gu…..gah!” (Crouch)

Doing that probably caused him some intense pain, as Crouch began to groan while gritting his teeth. Gradually, the shadows began to flicker around his body, as if he was covered in black flames. However, Hiiro rapidly closed the gap between them.

“Sorry, but I’m not so polite as to leave you alone during your transformation scene” (Hiiro)

Hiiro believed that things like that should be left in animes alone, as there was nothing easier than taking down a stationary opponent. As he closed the distance between them, Hiiro used his momentum and stabbed with his katana.

This time, Crouch was not able to dodge or defend against it, and Hiiro easily pierced through Crouch’s body. Although Hiiro thought that he had finished him now, by piercing through Crouch’s chest twice, Crouch was firmly grabbing onto the blade.

Then, he raised his face and smiled.

“How unfortunate-nya. I’m already done transforming-nya” (Crouch)
“Che!” (Hiiro)

Hiiro immediately fired off a kick, but astonishingly, that kick easily sunk into Crouch’s body and his leg stopped in the centre of Crouch’s body.

“Wha!?” (Hiiro)

Hiiro was not the only one, as everyone besides the Beastmen raised their voices in surprise. No, even amongst the 『Evila』, only Eveam and Aquinas alone acted as though it was as expected and that they were used to seeing it.

Eveam then opened her mouth with a grim expression.

“So he could use it after all…..《Transformation》was it?” (Eveam)
“Yeah, the Beastmen who originally couldn’t use magic developed the《Binding》. The peak point of that technique is when they become magic itself” (Aquinas)
“A body made of magic itself. That means becoming an identical existence to 『Spirits』. It is a technique made possible simply because the 『Gabranth』are existences close to 『Spirits』.” (Eveam)
“However, controlling the skill《Transformation》is difficult. Normally, doing a 《Transformation》on one part of the body alone is the limit. As to be expected from one of the 《Three Warriors》. He can do it for his entire body.” (Aquinas)
“Hiiro! Be careful! Normal physical attacks won’t work on that one!” (Eveam)

When Eveam’s words reached Hiiro, he immediately attempted to pull out his leg, but it was stuck firmly.

“I won’t let you escape-nya” (Crouch)

As Crouch said that, the shadow from Crouch’s body began spreading up Hiiro’s leg.

“This is revenge for earlier-nya” (Crouch)

Crouch was planning to wrap Hiiro’s body in the shadow and strangle him to death. But,


Electricity suddenly began to surge out from Hiiro’s body.

“Gugah!?” (Crouch)

Unable to withstand the immense electrical power, Crouch withdrew. After putting some distance between Hiiro and himself, his expression stiffened from seeing the changes in Hiiro’s appearance.


Electricity was discharging from Hiiro’s body, discharging into the surroundings. Crouch knew that it was not simply magic.

(Magic……? No, this feeling is………no, no that’s impossible-nya! Nyai is this……!?) (Crouch)

Crouch denied the thought, thinking that it was impossible, but seeing Hiiro right in front of him, he was unable to wipe it away.

The reason being that Hiiro………..

“How is it? It’s a similar body to your own” (Hiiro)

Everyone in the area gazed at his body, which appeared to be made of bluish-white plasma.

[Thunder Conversion] /『雷化』

That was the true form of the word that Hiiro had written.

(According to the word itself, the body will become lightning, but only for a short amount of time. I should settle this quickly!) (Hiiro)

In reality, the word’s effects would last for 3 minutes, and once it had been spent, a cool-down period would have to pass before he could use another word with similar effects. That was why he had to end this quickly.

As Crouch could not understand exactly who the person in front of him was, he fell into confusion. Magic that gathered the monsters into the air and exterminated them, the ability to easily find someone when they had completely erased their presence and attack them by extending his katana, the method of escaping from the 《Shadow Prison》, and Hiiro’s current appearance.

They were all covered with mysteries, and were all abilities worthy of being feared.

(That is definyately the same as my 《Dark Night Transformation》-nya……) (Crouch)

Even when he thought about it, there was nothing he could do. Everyone else didn’t know this, but it was also rather difficult for Crouch to maintain his 《Dark Night Transformation》for long periods of time. Additionally, it wasn’t like he had completely recovered from the damage he received earlier either.

That was exactly why he too desired a quick decisive battle as well.

Crouch extended a tentacle-like shadow from his body and thrust it like a spear. Hiiro similarly discharged electricity, and created numerous arrow-shaped figures.


Their attacks collided, and the impact spread out into the surroundings. To avoid being caught in the battle, the people nearby were screaming while moving away.

During the attack, Crouch jumped into the air, gambling on the outcome of the match. Hiiro dispersed the smoke caused by their attacks, and feeling the killing intent from the sky, he looked upwards.

There stood…………………..10 shadow clones of Crouch.

“This is the end-nya! I’ll use my max speed for the finishing blow-nya! Take this-nya! 《The Black Assault of the 10 Follies》!!!!” (Crouch)

The ten shadows descended from the sky with a speed incomparable to before, making it impossible to differentiate one from another and to pick them off one-by-one.

Seeing that, Hiiro leaked out a small sigh.

“You’re quite the guy. If it wasn’t me, then that attack probably would’ve hit” (Hiiro)

As he said that, he once again created 10 lightning arrows in the air. Hiiro then aimed and fired those arrows at the incoming Crouch.

“There’s no way such a slow attack would reach mye-nya!” (Crouch)

Crouch swiftly moved as if he were kicking the air. As he looked at the arrows approaching in front of him, he nimbly side-stepped to avoid them, easily evading them. The moment he thought that-


“……” (Crouch)

Before he had knew it, the lightning arrows had stabbed into his abdomen. Then, the words, [Lock-On]/ 『必中』, were floating at Hiiro’s fingertips.

Stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab stab!

The other 9 bodies of Crouch were also pierced through without a single wasted arrow.


Suddenly, a violent electrical discharge came from the arrows, robbing the freedom of Crouch over his body.

“Nyabababbababababa!?” (Crouch)

Crouch noisily plummeted from the sky towards the ground. And just as he thought the other 9 bodies had come to a halt, they simply turned back into shadows and returned to the main body. It seemed that his body which had undergone the《Transformation》was returned to normal, as his electrocuted body was twitching madly.


Hiiro had thrust his katana at Crouch’s neck.


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