KnW Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes

Hai, hai, I know, I know. 131 has been released. Which means 132 should now be released. I did say I’d do it within 24 hours. So here it is!

For this chapter, once again, please thank Cross-nii-sama for both editing and proofreading it! Thanks for waiting, here’s Chapter 132~nya!

Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes

“Your levels do appear to be quite high but….you know, the battlefield isn’t a playground. With that degree of resolve, do you really think that you’ll really be able to return safely? From what I’ve seen, you don’t appear to have even seen people die before?” (Ornoth)

“…………………..” (Chika)

Chika froze as though she was at a loss for words.

“Or could it be that the king who sent you all simply treated you as pawns to be thrown away?” (Ornoth)
“Th-there’s no way that could be true!” (Chika)

She vehemently raised her voice in denial.

“Then why are you here? It should be easy to figure out so long as you think about it a little right? Exactly what would happen if all of you were sent here. Honestly speaking, for all of you who are unaccustomed to being soldiers, what other reason is there for the king to send you here?” (Ornoth)

To Ornoth, that was an honest question. Yet, to Chika, it was one that gave her an extreme shock. Now that he mentioned it, just why did King Rudolf elect to send them, who had never killed a person before, along with the small battalion here?

If he truly wanted to assault the 【Demon Capital】, then he should have prepared a greater force. It wasn’t like they had completely trusted the beastmen either. Even so, why did he send such a small number of people here?

I don’t get it! I don’t get it! No matter how much I think about it, I don’t get it! (Chika)

“Chi……ka……” (Taishi)

It was Taishi’s voice who pulled her confused self back to reality. Thanks to the pain, he had become somewhat calmer. Yet, based on his expression, it could be derived that he would no longer perform any reckless attacks.

“Taishi! Are you alright?” (Chika)
“Ah, yeah. My stomach hurts but…..he probably was holding back.” (Taishi)
“Eh?” (Chika)

Taishi held his stomach as he glanced towards Ornoth.

“He didn’t use his full power at all. Probably…..his level is way higher than ours. Not only that, but I feel that he specializes in physical attacks.” (Taishi)
“Hou, unlike before, that’s a good analysis.” (Ornoth)

Ornoth was impressed with Taishi for the first time. To be able to see through his opponent’s physical capabilities after receiving just a single hit, Ornoth felt that it truly was as expected of one holding the title of ‘hero’.

“Magic is not your only weapon. I, at least, can understand that.” (Taishi)

Looking carefully, Ornoth’s body was dangerously ripped. Taishi understood that he had simply thrust his fist at him, but it had felt as though he had been hit with steel. Having trained and forged his body, as soon as he had regained his composure, Taishi had become capable of analyzing that in his head.

“Now then, if you obediently surrender then your lives, at least, will be spared. But if you plan to continue resisting any longer, then as one of the 《Cruel》, I will see you all to hell.” (Ornoth)

His terrible force of intent sent a shock rippling through him.  Having become calm, Taishi once again realized what a monster-like existence the person in front of him was.

(Even so, if we were all to join forces we could beat him…..but) (Taishi)

Indeed, at the very least, currently the only ones who could fight were Chika and himself. If they fought seriously, then they should at least be able to wound him, but as expected, to defeat him, magic was essential. However, even if they tried to use magic, Ornoth would likely stop the two of them.

That was exactly why it was necessary for Shinobu and co. to cover them from a distance, but that too would be too much to wish for.

“Ta-Taishi…..” (Chika)

Chika looked at him anxiously. He didn’t know if she was thinking about the same thing as him, but, at the very least she seemed to feel that they had no chances of winning if they fought here.

Taishi closed his eyes and thought for a bit. And just as he opened his eyes determinedly and was about to speak,

“I found you, 《Cruellllllllll》!” (Lenion)

The one who suddenly appeared was Lenion, the second prince from the 【Gabranth Capital: Passion】. Not only that, but he appeared to already be in battle stance as a large tornado was being produced from the tip of his sword.

“Defeating the 《Cruel》here will bring me another step closer to becoming the strongest!” (Lenion)

Lenion brandished his sword and swung it down towards Ornoth. Taishi and co. were also nearby, but it seemed that he didn’t take the slightest notice of them.

As the tornado left his sword, the area was attacked by a gale.

“Kuh!” (Ornoth)

Ornoth immediately attempted to evade it, but the tornado didn’t stop. A wind containing vacuum blades began to attack Taishi and co.

“Uwaaaaahhh!?” (Taishi)
“Kyaaaaaa!?” (Chika)

Taishi and Chika, who took it straight on, were swallowed by the tornado and sent flying outside of the capital. And then, the ones who were a little distance away, Shinobu and Shuri, similarly received some damage.

The two of them were blown away by the wind and crashed into a building wall. Ornoth continued to dodge Lenion’s continuous stream of attacks as he ran somewhere else.

What remained was Nikki, who had hidden in a building unnoticed, and the two injured girls who had been blown away by the wind.

“C-Could it be that they have d-died?” (Nikki)

As Nikki quietly approached the two of them to check, Shinobu’s body twitched. Nikki also twitched in surprise, but became relieved after seeing that they were still alive. They wouldn’t be happy seeing the corpses of young girls like them.

“Uu……o-oww……” (Shinobu)

As she rubbed her waist, it seemed that she was still conscious as she raised her torso.

“Wh-what was that all about geez… okay, Shuri-cchi?” (Shinobu)

She glanced at the Shuri, who was lying on her side, as she said that. In the next instant, Shinobu’s eyes opened wide. The reason being that quite a bit of blood could be seen coming from Shuri’s head. It appeared that she had hit her head when crashing into the wall. She was also unconscious.

It might be expected that the worst possible situation would occur.

“Shuri-cchi!” (Shinobu)
“Ahh, you mustn’t do that!” (Nikki)
“Eh?” (Shinobu)

As Nikki suddenly called out to stop her, she reflexively twitched and froze.

“When they’ve hit their head, it’s better not to randomly move them about, is what Shishou told me!” (Nikki)

Raising their index finger, Nikki explained as their ahoge swayed from side to side.

“Shishou….you mean Okamura-cchi?” (Shinobu)
“Okamura-cchi? Is that some kind of spell?” (Nikki)

Nikki asked as they cutely tilted their head to the side.

“Ah, sorry. Umm, I mean Hiiro Okamura.” (Shinobu)
“Ohh, that’s right! So you knew Shishou!” (Nikki)

They smiled happily. Shinobu reflexively smiled back, but her expression darkened as she did so.

“That’s true, but I can’t just let her sleep here like this……” (Shinobu)
“Then how about having her rest a bit in the inn over there?” (Nikki)
“………..excuse me?” (Shinobu)

Nikki pointed towards the inn that Hiiro came out of.

“We should put a towel on her head and neck to be safe, but I don’t think there should be any problems if we carry her slowly. From what I can see, there is some bleeding, but her breathing seems to be steady after all.” (Nikki)

Shinobu stared dumbly as Nikki spoke smoothly and took a towel out from her bosom.

“Hm? What’s wrong?” (Nikki)
“Eh? Ah, no, it’s just, I was wondering if you really were a child.” (Shinobu)

Certainly, for them to be that knowledgeable, it was difficult to see Nikki as a child.

“Mufufu~ even though I look like this, I’m an adult!” (Nikki)

Having felt that they were complimented, Nikki’s chest swelled.

“Heh, how old are you?” (Shinobu)
“I’m 10!” (Nikki)
“………you’re a child.” (Shinobu)
“Mumuu! It’s mean to treat me like a child!” (Nikki)
“Ahh, sorry, my bad. Then like an adult…..umm, your name was Nikki right?” (Shinobu)
“It’s Nikki! For those close to me, I don’t mind if they call me Ni-cchan either!” (Nikki)
“Alright, then it’s Ni-cchi!” (Shinobu)
“………..umm, were you listening to what I was saying?” (Nikki)

Having been called ‘Ni-cchi’ even though they said to call them ‘Nikki’, Nikki became dejected.

“Maa maa, don’t mind the small details! For now, help me carry Shuri-cchi.” (Shinobu)
“This is also a way of saving people! Leave it to me!” (Nikki)

And so, the two of them carried Shuri to the inn.

*Author’s Note: Next time, Hiiro will be lecturing them.


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