Update: New Series?

Yahoo~ how’s everyone doing? RL’s been swamping me, but I’m still alive!

Lately I’ve been hit by a little bit of a translation bug, so I thought I might dabble in some more WN translations~ of course, for those of you waiting for Wild Life, this doesn’t mean I’m dropping it (unless someone else intends on picking it up), just that I need something of a different….genre every now and then. WNs are just generally easier to translate for me due to the fact that I can actually read the words (instead of having to squint and try and decipher what the minuscule characters on the page are). With that said, the project in question that I’m thinking of picking up is~ *drumroll* Isekai Mahou wa Okureteru!

Now, if you guys are following him – which I’m sure some of you are – Cross-nii is actually also planning on working on Isekai. In fact, he was the one who invited me to help out since I felt like translating. Honestly speaking, I’m still as busy as ever, so I’ll just be lending a hand in translating the series. This post was just to update anyone who’s still faithfully visiting this site. We are aware that Isekai does already have another translator (Sora), and I’ll just say this now, but currently we’re still seeing if we can manage the series. Technically speaking, I haven’t ‘officially’ picked it up yet. That aside, I’ll be leaving a note for the current translator here.

To Sora: I’ve noticed that some of your chapters have yet to be edited. Would you mind if I took the opportunity to edit those chapters?

As for KnW….maa, due to the recent ‘near-disaster’, I will be staying away from it for now. Maybe if my passion for it reignites in the future, I may go back to it. Maybe. But probably not.

Annnnd that’s about it! I’m glad to see that those of you still using the RT chat are having fun staring. Have a good life, and hopefully you’ll see an Isekai post in the near future!


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A young neko that enjoys frolicking around the net. Often has to run away from certain individual(s).
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15 Responses to Update: New Series?

  1. jorgelotr says:

    You bunch of teases… None of you is planning to tell us what that “near-disaster” is.

    Glad to see that you’re still alive.


  2. Ban says:

    Bakan here! Staring is the best thing to do! Staring is love! Staring is life! Staring is sharing!

    But it’s been a while, huh! Welcome back!


  3. Whynn says:

    Welcome back Kiriko, -offers fishies-, RL is harsh and turns people to NEETs who can’t survive it >.> Glad to hear from you and enjoy your antics along with the others.


    • Kiriko says:

      FISH!!!! *attacks fish* *nom nom nom* *ehem* Indeed. :3

      Liked by 1 person

      • Whynn says:

        Fastest Fishing ever, (bait worked real well),How bad is RL anyways, you say it’s bad but to what degree?


        • Kiriko says:

          Bad as in…..test tomorrow. Test on Friday. Test on Monday. Big test next week. It’s test hell~


        • Whynn says:

          had 3 exams last week, 1 today, and a paper due tomorrow, so…. yea…. Spring break in 2 weeks for me tho, then time to catch up on all readings, wishing to see your energetic self again, you’ve been out for quite a while, so it was lonely for a good bit, kinda like your cat leaving the house for a few days then suddenly showing back up, literally is the feeling here seeing the post


  4. joakofrias says:

    i think knw was picked up for other translator, so im happy that you will translate isekai mahou….but if i’m not mistaken a lot of translators had a complain about the difficult of translating these novels because of the autor´s way to write….if it happens that you lost motivation to it or think that is difficult i recommend this novel: Yuusha Party no Kawaii ko ga ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n2959bs/ its very funny and i think that was abandoned by the previous translator (sorry if my english is no good, it is not my mother language)


    • Kiriko says:

      Apologies for the late reply, and your English is quite good, no need to apologize for that. It does look like an interesting series, but it seems like the last update was last January, so I don’t think the previous translator has dropped it quite yet. Have hope! Believe in the translators! :3


  5. shadyxlr says:

    Thank you I’ve been hoping for more chapters from this series…


  6. vedejo says:

    and then the former KnW team assembles again to translate Isekai Mahou…… Rainbow Translations, Assemble~


  7. izanau says:

    yeeee, the little kitty still alive >_<


  8. Good to see you alive.


  9. rookieofallmasterofnone says:

    Skythewoodtranslations just uploaded some chapters of isekai. Are you guys going to colabirate or are you going to pick up a different project?


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