AkaHoshi Chapter 3

It’s a little late, but Merry Christmas!!!

I’m not sure how many people are really following this teaser, but for now I’ll just continue translating it anyways! That said, updates really are going to be sparse…but alas, ’tis life. And life, as always, is busy.

Chapters for AkaHoshi really are long though, so I’ll probably just translate whenever I feel like it (in other words, while procrastinating). Hahaha~

On another note, it seems that Shinwa has been picked up by someone else, so Cross-nii and I have decided to drop it officially. It’s a little late since it’s been a while since they started, but we’ll leave it to you, Choiboy84 and Ell! Spread the wonder of novels across the land and defeat the 10,000 Demon Kings—-*cough* wrong series.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

The Different World with the Red Star: Chapter 3

Upon entering the Perch, there is a counter and a lot of tables on the first floor. It gave off a bar/dining hall feeling.


“Excuse me.”

“Oh, welcome.”


I called out to the old man at the counter.


“I wanna borrow a room, but are there any available?”

“There are. How long are you gonna stay? One night, with morning and evening meals included, is 3000 chip.”

“One week then.”


Saying that, I took two 10,000 chip coins and one 1,000 chip coin out of my pocket.

After accepting the coins, the old man took a key out from underneath the counter.


“Here you go, the room’s the very first one on the third floor. If you eat here, it’ll be free. At that time, just show that key so that they’ll know you’re a guest from the inn.”

“I see. Is it alright if I leave it with you when I go out?”

“Sure, I don’t mind.”

“Got it.”


I took the key and went to the room.

It was a single room connected with a simple water faucet. Isn’t it quite amazing for this period to have the technological ability to have plumbing? Not only that, but on the third floor.


Once I finished confirming the location of my room, I soon returned to the first floor.


“Old man, are there any clothing stores and bookstores around this area?”

“If it’s a clothing store, then you’ll find one if you turn left on the street in front and head all the way down. What’re you looking for at the bookstore?”

“Something that’ll teach me the basics about magic.”

“An instruction book, huh. The Adventurer’s Guild lends out stuff like that you know?”


“Seriously. You didn’t know?”

“I didn’t……”


So the Guild lends them out. I just went there too. It’ll be a pain to go there again, so I guess I’ll do it tomorrow.

Then right now I’ll head to the clothing store. I still have over 5000 chip, so it should be enough to buy some underwear.


“Well, that’s fine. Thanks.”

“Ou, you gonna leave the key with me?”

“Yeah, I’ll be relying on you then.”


After passing the key over to the old man, I exited the Perch.


If I’m gonna become an adventurer, then I think it’d be better to buy some protective equipment, but I fundamentally don’t get injured, and there’s no way equipment that can be bought with 5000 chip exists.

On that note, I’ve arrived in front of the clothing store, but……


“What are you guys?”



When I tried to enter the clothing store, some weird guys got in my way. Rather, aren’t these guys the ones that were hanging out earlier at the resting area of the Adventurer’s Guild? I just barely remember them.




For now, since it doesn’t seem like words will work, I tried mimicking their laughter.

Yet when I did that, for some reason the opposition’s mood turned dangerous. Why!? Weren’t smiles understood throughout the world!? Or are you planning on saying that because it’s another world it’s different!?


“You looking down on us, you bastard? Even though you’re a newbie, you talked with Haru-chan for so long.”

“That length of time was clearly a violation of the pact, right you guys?”


When a leader-like guy said that to the rest of them, the surrounding men unanimously gave an affirmative response.

Rather, who the heck is Haru-chan? The neko-mimi girl from the reception?


“We’ve gotta punish those that break the pact. So, it’ll be 30,000 chip. Hurry up and bring it out.”

“I see, so you’re beggars.”


Hm? Did I get something wrong? They didn’t pick anything up for me, nor did they lose anything……(1)


“You brat! Don’t look down on us!”


Could it be that my words became provocation? Well, whatever. They’re the ones who started it, so it’s become legitimate self-defense. The surrounding people’ll probably give their testimony too.

And, on that note, I bent the arm of the man who came punching at me in the opposite direction.

How unexpectedly fragile.

He was quick to anger too, so I’m sure he’s lacking in calcium. The poor guy.



“How dare you do that to Kanta!”


It seems the man just now is called Kanta. Somehow it seems like the name of a child from the countryside.

Haha, this time three people are coming at the same time? But they’re pretty slow…if you swing that slowly, I’ll end up opening an extra breathing hole for ya, you know?

As if to prove that, I gave each of the three men a kick to the stomach. This time I held back quite a bit, alright? Otherwise it’d cause problems for the surroundings. I’m a good person who thinks about the trouble caused to the people around him.

When I started praising myself mentally, the men began to panic.

What shameful bunch. For them to be intimidated when just four of them were taken out……

I have to retrain them from the roots!


“You guys, come over here.”


Shooting off a threatening air, I dragged the unconscious men into a back alley.

I properly let the guys who were still conscious walk over by themselves, you know? Though there were some cowardly ones that were saying things like their backs gave out, so I kicked them, but then they started to run. I might have talent in becoming a chiropractor.


“I’m gonna beat your shrivelled up spirits back into shape!”


After around 5 minutes, I exited the back alley. There wasn’t anyone following behind me. Rather, for all of them to fall unconscious within 5 minutes, just how cowardly are they……

Now then, shall I head to my true objective?

Upon entering the clothing store, I looked around half-heartedly. Honestly speaking, there wasn’t anything that I liked as soon as I saw it. Well, right now I barely have any money, so even if there was, I wouldn’t be able to buy it.

On that note, I bought a few pairs of underwear and returned to the Perch.


“Old man.”

“Ou, it’s you, boy.”


When I received my key and attempted to return to my room, the old man called me out.


“I forgot to say, but the meals for house guests are from 6 to 8pm. If you don’t order within that time frame, it’ll cost you. In the morning it’s from 7 to 9am.”



The current time is just before 5pm. There’s still some time before dinner. I guess I’ll sleep a bit. I’m starting to miss having a bed. Since the carriage couldn’t possibly have a bed, and because we had to switch shifts to keep a lookout, my sleep was pretty shallow.

For a while now, I’ve been so sleepy, I just couldn’t help it.

Diving into the bed, I fell straight asleep.





When I opened my eyes, the view outside was bright.


“Huh? What time is it right now?”


The calculation of time was the same in this different world, so I just used my wristwatch as is.

8 o’clock…..8!? It’s 8am in the morning!? I was just planning on taking a short nap, but I ended up sleeping the whole night, huh……well, whatever. It’s just about the time for breakfast. Let’s go down to eat.

After changing my underwear, I went down to the dining hall.

About half the seats were filled with some guys dressed like adventurers. The remaining half looked like regular guests.

I sat at an open seat by the counter. When I did so, the old man came over to talk at his own discretion.


“It looks like you slept well yesterday.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think I’d end up sleeping for the entire night like that.”

“I’m sure you were tired, it’s pretty common for adventurers.”


Hm? Did I say that I was an adventurer?


“Most of the people that stay here are adventurers. And those with personalities like yours are usually adventurers. I knew as soon as I saw you.”

“Seriously? I really look that much like an adventurer?”

“It’s just that I can’t imagine you working normally.”


It’s true that I can’t imagine that either. Thinking about me saying “Welcome!” at a convenience store somehow makes me want to laugh.


“Well, I’ll be an adventurer from today on. I just registered yesterday.”

“So that’s how it is. Then you’re pretty lucky.”


“Yesterday, some of the rowdy adventurers working in this town were beat up in a back alley by someone. They left town this morning. They were always taking money from the newbies, so everyone was pretty frightened.”

“What, so there were guys like that. Adventurers are pretty scary~”


Well, the one who beat them up was me though. To think that they were that kind of bunch. Should I have been a bit stricter with them?

As I thought about yesterday’s events, the meal came out.

Bread and soup, as well as milk.


“What kind of milk is this?”



So it’s from a monster! Monsters have unexpectedly permeated into the daily lives here.


“Thanks, itadakimasu.”


In order to get my Guild card, I quickly ate and left the Perch.





Before going to the guild, I dropped by the street stall. I just ate breakfast, but having only bread and soup feels a bit lacking. As I thought, in the morning, a guy wants to eat a lot.

And on that note, I came to the stall where the onee-san was, but……


“It’s not open.”


Is it a bit too early? But the other stalls have all opened, so it’s weird for hers to still be closed.

As I stood looking at the empty stall dumbfounded, the uncle working at the stall next to it spoke up.


“Today that place is on break.”


Weird, Kana said to come tomorrow, yet today it’s on break.



“Kana-chan came early this morning. She said that since her sister’s condition is bad, she’ll be closing for a while.”

“Her sister?”

“What, are you new around here?”

“Yeah, I just arrived yesterday.”

“Then I guess it’s only natural that you don’t know.”


Saying that, the uncle began speaking as though he were recalling something. But since it seemed like a pain, I half-heartedly listened and put it all together.

In short, Kana was an adventurer, and originally it was her twin sister Mana that ran the stall.

Mana was a genius at cooking, and the one who made the sauce was also Mana. It seemed that she also gave advice about cooking to the other street stalls on numerous occasions.

But unfortunately, she got sick and was currently undergoing medical care at home.

However, that illness was extremely troublesome, and if medicine was made, she’d heal, but making the medicine required extremely expensive materials.

Using the money steadily earned by the stall, as well as the money Kana made as an adventurer, they had gathered most of the materials needed, but there was still one material that they had yet to get.

The material in question was the eye of a monster known as Ferril.

It seems that the water within that eye could become an effective medicine needed for Mana’s illness.


“Is the Ferril strong?”


If it’s expensive, then it should be rare. Which probably meant that either the monster was strong, or very rare.


“It’s a Rank 2 Star Class monster. So even adventurers can’t carelessly go after it. And that Ferril lives in the Demon Territory. In other words, there isn’t anybody that’d be willing to go all the way there. Getting an adventurer to go there – who do you think you’re kidding!(3)

“No kidding. So if they’re on break today, does it mean that her sister’s condition is getting worse?”

“Probably. Must be hard for them……”

“Thanks, I get the gist of it.”


For now, it’s decided what my first request will be.

In order to get my Guild card, I proceeded to go to the Adventurer’s Guild.




Unlike yesterday, when I entered the guild, there was a large crowd of people. There really were adventurer-like people, and even mages! –or so their robes seemed to insist. Other than that, there were also knight-like people around.

And within all that, the one moving the fastest was the waitress.

Weaving her way through the large men, she took orders while delivering food and retrieving empty dishes.

Her behaviour, in which she properly punished those who nonchalantly tried to touch her by stomping on their feet, was reminiscent of a highly experienced hero.

Rather, isn’t she the strongest person in here? —wait, this isn’t the time to be thinking that. I’ve gotta hurry up and pick up my Guild card and then take up the request.


“Excuse me.

“Good morning. What business do you have…..oh, you’re the gentleman who registered yesterday, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. I’m surprised you remembered.”


The receptionist that I went to today was the one that sat next to the cat-eared girl yesterday.

Even though she only caught a glance of me when she lent the registering device, what an amazing memory. In a single day, she probably sees the faces of an incredible number of adventurers too.


“You were pretty memorable after all. It’s not often that I’m asked to lend a magic device because another receptionist’s might be broken. Not only that, but the actual cause for the malfunction was different.(4)

“So that’s how it is. Haha, I’m a little sturdier compared to others after all. Anyhow, is the guild card ready?”

“Yes, please wait a moment.”


Saying that, the receptionist lady stood from her seat and began fishing around the shelf standing behind her.

And then she came back. In her hand was a single card.


“This is Urushi-san’s guild card.”

“Thank you~”

“Please check to make sure that it is functioning properly.”

“How do I do that?”


I’ll be troubled if I have to pour magic into it. Since I don’t know how.


“All you have to do is push the round part bulging out on the bottom left of the card.”

“This part?”


Looking carefully, I could see a small semi-circle shaped bulge on the bottom left of the card.

I tried pushing it.

When I did so, faint words rose to the surface of the guild card. It was the stuff I had filled into the forms from yesterday.

Other than that, a rank was also written.


“There doesn’t seem to be any problem.”

“Yes, looks alright.”

“Then from today forward, you have officially been registered as an adventurer. We look forward to your success.”

“Oh right, I heard from the Perch, but is it true that you lend out magic instruction books here?”

“Yes, we do.”

“I’d like to borrow one.”

“Understood. This is the book.”


What was handed to me was a book made of remarkable poor quality paper. It wasn’t even properly bound. Well, I suppose that this is the limit considering that it’s something made to be lent out.

As I flipped through it to check the contents, I found that the needed subjects I required, include the method of using mana and magic, were indeed written. That being the case, I decided to borrow it.


“Thanks~. And so, I’d like to immediately take on a request.”

“Sure, what sort of quest are you looking for?”

“Is there a request to subjugate Ferril?”

“……excuse me?”

“I said, a subjugation request for Ferril.”


The receptionist lady gave a dumbfounded expression at my words. Her befuddled face was a little cute.

But, as she processed the meaning of my words, that cute face gradually became more and more stern.


“Do you want to die?”


Ohh, what a super cold voice. A chill went down my back for a moment there.


“No way.”

“Then why Ferril? That’s a rank 2 star class monster, you know? It’s an opponent that a team with over 5 members, at least one of which has to have Rank A strength, before it can be defeated. Even for a Rank A adventurer, it’s impossible to subjugate solo. It’s an opponent accompanied by a considerable degree of danger. And you, who just only registered today, want to challenge such an opponent?”

“It’s not like the strength of an adventurer depends on what day they registered, right?”


I grinned broadly while laughing as I incited her. The reason why I purposely was trying to anger her was so that she’d hurry up and throw me aside by giving me the request.

If I went around making her worried for me, then I wouldn’t be able to take on the request. But if she thinks that it’s better if someone like me died, then it’ll be a lot easier to take it on.


“Very well. Do what you want. Currently there aren’t any subjugation requests for Ferril, but there is one request for the harvesting of its materials. Five of the Ferril claws and fangs each are required. This is the written request.”


Confirming the written request, it turned out to be a personal request. It seemed to be from some blacksmith. Both the Ferril’s claws and fangs are sharp and hard, so they’re the best for making weapons, apparently.

What I want are the eyes, so it definitely won’t conflict with those parts. It looks like there shouldn’t be a problem even if I take this request. Incidentally, the completion fee upon bringing back the materials was 50,000 chip. On top of that, the purchasing fee of those materials was 100,000 chip, it seems.


“Okay~. I’m accepting it.”

“Then please put your Guild card here. While you are doing this request, you cannot accept any other ones, so please watch out for that.”


Her words were thorny, but as expected of an Adventurer Guild receptionist. Her smile hasn’t collapsed.




Taking the Guild card once it finished registering the acceptance of the quest, I departed from the reception.

Perhaps having heard my conversation with the receptionist, a number of adventurers were looking at me with pitying gazes. They’re probably thinking that a newbie was trying to do some reckless things.

Well, I can’t be bothered worrying about acknowledging every single person, so let’s hurry up and set off. I’ve gotta quickly prepare and depart.

I left the guild and returned to the inn.

Translator Notes

  1. ^物拾いじゃないし、落し物でもないし…… = it’s hard to TL, and I’m not entirely sure either, but I believe Touka is wondering why they’re bothering him for money even though they haven’t picked anything up (that Touka had dropped, perhaps?) nor have they dropped anything (of their own that they’d be looking for by bothering him)
  2. ^ルルスー = literally sounded out as “Rurusuu”, but for now I’ll call it “Luruth”
  3. ^冒険者が聞いて呆れるぜ = literal meaning would be that if an adventurer heard that, they’d pretty much say ‘aw, hell no!’ – I tried rewording it to sound better in English
  4. ^She means that the reason the device malfunctioned wasn’t because it was broken, but because it couldn’t pierce Touka’s skin to obtain blood

Translator Comments

Somehow, I’m not sure if Touka’s clever but acts oblivious, or if he’s actually a bit of a musclehead……meh. We shall find out later on, I suppose. Again, please comment if there are any issues with the translation or if you just wanna comment~

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and has a happy New Year!


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