Common Sense of a Warrior House Chapter 1

So…I’m aware that this series has technically been picked up. I want to apologize ahead of time to the current TL, but I wasn’t too sure how to get in touch with them, so I’ll put my apology here. In truth, I’ve been eyeing this series for a while, and was waiting until I’d accumulated some more chapters so I could do relatively regular releases, but since someone else has already started on it, I don’t want my work to go to waste, so I decided to just release what I have done…even so, my apologies for barging in on your project, Poop-san. For the chapters that you have currently finished, I promise to link to your blog.

On another note, I wanted to declare that I’ll be dropping AkaHoshi since it so far hasn’t really been able to catch my interest and the chapters are too long for me to translate it casually and have a decently regular number of releases. In this respect, I rather like CSWH (Common Sense of a Warrior House) since the chapters are short and easy to do, plus it’s related to another series I like (Duke’s Daughter)…but for now I’ll see how Poop-san (the current TL) reacts. It’s been about a month since their last release, but I’ll wait a little longer before deciding to fully pick it up (3 months is usually the limit to decide whether a project has been ‘abandoned’).

Anyhow, for now, I hope everyone enjoys this series of spammed releases!

Credits to PoopTL: Chapter 1 and Chapter 2

CSWH Chapter 1: An Irrational Reality

This world, is irrational.

That, is what I have understood.


No, I was made to understand…….in an incredibly sudden manner.


Through my stupidity, she who I treasured so much……when I lost her, I understood for the first time.

Even if you cry and cling onto her, those eyelids will no longer open.




Even though I knew, tears continued to overflow from my eyes.

My body involuntarily moved, and went clinging onto my mother’s side.

Touching my mother’s cold body, I was made to realize that this wasn’t a dream.


……My name is Mellice.

Mellice Reese Anderson.

Marquis Anderson’s only daughter.


Father was granted land from this country, Tasmeria Kingdom, and made the head of the Anderson Marquis House as a hero.


Even father, who always laughs heartily, is showing signs of depression.

Big brother too, is loudly sobbing at the side.


“A boy from the proud warrior house of Anderson doesn’t cry over something like this.”


The one who always encourages him loudly like that, mother, is no longer here.


……since she’s in a dream that she’ll never wake from again, it’s only natural.

From the surroundings, I can hear the sounds of sobbing.


Mother was kind and beautiful.

Those stupid nobles that didn’t know her well always used to twitter about idiotically, saying that mother wasn’t like a noble.

She was someone who’d lend an ear to anybody, a person who freely spread her kindness around.


Despite that, why…….


Why did mother have to go through something like this……!


While I was sad on one hand, a violent anger filled my chest.

Desperately enduring, I bit my lips to hold down my impulse to cry out. Within my mouth, the taste of iron began to spread out.


“…….Melly. Right now, could you just think about your mother?”


At father’s words, I was called back to reality.


Why……I wonder if father read my mind?

Though that question floated through my head, I didn’t care about something petty like that, as I turned my attention to my mother alone.




I quietly murmured.

Naturally, there was no answer to my call.

Tears endlessly came pouring out.


……softly, I closed my eyes and prayed.

For mother’s happiness in the next world.


Suddenly, as I opened my eyes, father’s figure appeared in front of me.

At the same time, I realized.

Father, who had never once shown us his tears, had a single droplet rolling down his cheek.

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  2. DOH says:

    Thank you for the chapter~


  3. Hikaru says:

    “Those stupid nobles that didn’t know her well always used to twitter about idiotically, saying that mother wasn’t like a noble.”
    Somehow this makes me think the nobles use Twitter to insult her Mother

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  4. It’s late, but thanks for the chapter!

    This one is about Iris’s mom, huh.


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