CSWH Chapter 3

CSWH Chapter 3: The Hero’s Tracks 2

The problem was on the Marquis House’s side.

In the end, they didn’t disown him, but took away his right to inherit the house and passed it on to the second son.


Though father wasn’t particularly mindful of his position, and thus accepted the situation without any objection.


Grandfather’s judgement was correct.


The reason being that as long as you’re attached to the Military, you never know when you might lose your life.

And even if you’re from a warrior house, to enter the Military instead of the Knight Order, father’s reputation as a successor amongst other nobles was poor.


…….it’s just that that only applied if father didn’t have as much power as he did.


Father managed to recover the former Sezun territory with just a single unit, and simply left its protection to the other units that arrived afterwards before heading eastward.


The pressured Earl Monro’s soldiers managed to meet up with the dispatched Military forces, and thus succeeded in accomplishing great exploits by repelling the enemy.


It is unknown just how many enemy commanders’ heads he harvested.

And so, like that, through his amassed military exploits, he was praised as a hero.


Naturally, within the Military, though he was a noble, through his military exploits and natural charisma as a commander, father became an object of adoration, even within the Knight Order……or so the story goes.

That being the case, there was no way that a warrior family like the Anderson Marquis house could simply leave that alone.


Father was once again reinstated as the next feudal lord.

You’d think that there’d be some sort of dispute over that, but the title of ‘hero’ was important in the sense that it forced them to accept it.


On the other hand, what became a major incident was his marriage with mother.


Mother was the daughter of a baron.


She didn’t tell me the details of how they met, but it ended with them making a grand promise out of love to marry.


It would’ve been fine if he had remained disinherited, but he had become a rare hero and was the next head of a Marquis house.


Their family statuses didn’t match up well.

The weight of the title of hero conversely worked against them.

Throughout the country, an uncountable number of noble families wished to make a connection with father by marriage.

Even within the Anderson House there were a considerable number of voices of dissent.


In the end, father simply said, “If I can’t marry Merida, I’ll quit the army”, putting an end to the uproar.


At that point in time, it was clear just how deeply father had fallen for mother. They continually had heart-warming, and rather ticklish scenes between the two of them.


Finally, engulfed with such great passion, the two of them became bound together……but even when my elder brother, and even I, was born as a matter of course, the two of them continued to be deeply in love.


Sometimes, it was to the point where brother and I wished to avert our eyes.


That boorish father of mine only acted cute in front of my mother……seeing him act so differently from when he was in the army, even father’s trusted retainer Baron Messi seemed completely bewildered.


Mother was a truly lovely woman.

Both calm and gentle.

Even though she surely should have endured many hardships in marrying into a Marquis house, she always made an incredibly tender smile.

Perhaps it should only be expected of one who stood in the position of father’s wife – she had quite a bit of guts.


Though it may have been the blood of his victims, upon confirming that the blood-covered father was unscathed, she would simply say, “Arara, maa. We’ll have to prepare a hot bath immediately” and accept it while smiling.

Her reaction surprised both my brother and I.


No no, it would’ve been better if father had washed off the blood splatter back at the army facilities……is what my brother and my retorted.


Because that day was their wedding anniversary, father wanted to spend it with mother and took a day off.


But because everyone from the Military clung to him in tears, he reluctantly went out……and as soon as the mission finished, it seems he left the report that he was supposed to do upon returning to his subordinates and directly headed home, but……where in the universe would you find a husband coming back to celebrate his wedding anniversary covered in blood.


Well, that was something completely natural for our home.


Father was there, mother was there, and big brother was there.


Although there wasn’t any feeling of formality even though we were a Marquis house.


Even so, it was an extremely happy home.


……until that day.

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