CSWH Chapter 2

CSWH Chapter 2: The Hero’s Tracks

The Tasmeria Kingdom that I live in was at war with the neighbouring country of Towair just ten-odd years ago.

Towair is northwest of Tasmeria, and possesses land from which it is hard to produce crops. On the other hand, because they also do not have any valuable minerals, it is a poor country.

That, is why.

Aiming for our country’s fertile lands, the country of Towair came invading.

Without a single proclamation of war, they suddenly attacked.

Naturally, Tasmeria Kingdom wasn’t able to properly deal with it, and numerous territories were overrun.

As a result of the stationed troops from the Military and the feudal lord’s private army being crushed, Earl Sezun’s territory was completely occupied by the enemy country.

Around the time when they began to aim for the neighbouring territory owned by Earl Monroe on two fronts – the north and the west, and fell into a disadvantageous situation…

My father’s troop was ordered to recover Sezun’s former territory.

Father, as the commanding officer of the Military’s First Army Corps, led his army to the frontlines.

If you wish to know why my father, who was the heir of a Marquis house, was sent to the site of such a bloody battle, the answer would be my father’s occupation.

Normally, the role of protecting the capital and the royalty is left to the Knight Order, of which the sons of nobles are attached to.

However, usually, the ones aiming to join it are the second or third sons hoping for some military accomplishments. Hardly any of the eldest sons would choose to join it.

Despite that, saying that aristocratic society was too stiff, my father joined the Military instead of the Knight Order.

Not only that, but it was in spite of being the heir to his family.

The Military welcomes all, and is an organization composed mostly of commoners.

They function mainly in the defense of the kingdom’s borders, and to maintain public order within the country.

The Military and Knight Order have a relationship like oil and water, with those of the Knight Order looking down on the Military thinking, “They’re just a bunch of muscleheads without any brains”, while those of the Military look down on the Knight Order thinking, “A bunch of young masters that don’t know true combat”.

……and within that, it truly does make one think that it’s amazing that father, who is not only a noble, but the heir to a Marquis House at that, attempted to enter the armed forces through the Military.

In reality, I’ve heard that it was quite difficult when he first entered the army.

It seems that there was opposition within the Military to having a noble enroll in it, and the Marquis House also was largely against it.

In particular, it was to the level where the Marquis House considered disinheriting father.

Nonetheless, through the strength of his nature, it seems that father’s position within the army steadily began to build up.

Regardless of one’s standing, the Military welcomes all.

Without caring for one’s rank, it could be said that it is a military organization which holds a doctrine based on one’s true strength.

Hence, in the face of father’s capabilities, the opposition to his enrollment did not last long.

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